‘Dead Or Alive Dimensions’ Trailer Lands

We’ve been talking a lot about the impressive line-up of games the Nintendo 3DS has, and Dead or Alive Dimensions is another example. The initial trailer for this title has landed, and with it comes quite a bit of gameplay footage.

The trailer shows off some basic gameplay and gives a quick look at how both screens will be utilized.  You’ll also get to see a simulated effect which displays which parts of the game actually use the 3D tech.  Aside from that, there’s some Japanese text that the folks over at Joystiq were nice enough to decipher.  There’s ‘internet play’ which is self-explanatory, and then there’s ‘Street Fight’ which is a mode that is apparently similar to that of the ‘Statue-Fighting’ mode in Super Street Fighter 3D.

Have a look at the trailer below.

Source: JoystiqYou TubeTecmo Koei


  1. 3D Boobies!

    Come on you were all thinking it!

  2. Looking good but I wish they’d release some infor on DOA5!

    • You live alone, don’t you. :-)

  3. Jiggling Breasticles!

  4. Given the bad rep that game like Fifa and PES get for supposedly “pushing out the same game every year”, I honestly can’t see how beat-em-ups get away with it. Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter and DOA have all been the same game for a long time.

    The only beat-em-up which I played which offered anything different was DragonBall Z but that got tired quickly.

    That’s why I don’t get the hype with MvsC3. Surely it’s the be same insanely fast, tag-team game as MvsC2, only in 3D. I mean the idea of fighting as those characters is great…but is it really going to be that different?

  5. Eh… not really my thing… but the 3DS technology is still pretty cool though.

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