DoA: Dimensions ‘StreetPass’ Function Detailed

Upcoming Nintendo 3DS brawler ‘Dead or Alive: Dimensions’ will be making use of the interesting StreePass feature. What this means is that when you are out and about your 3DS will be scanning for any other active 3DS.

The game will then analyse your fighting style, create a ghost version of you and send it over to whatever 3DS is in range to take part in some form of ghostly fisticuffs – all without you even knowing until you open up the console to find some form of reward (if you’ve won).

Remember people, beating up people in the street is generally frowned upon.

Source: Nintendo


  1. I wonder whether it will take into account your cup size. The bounce of your 3D-D’s might be enough to make the fight turn to your advantage.

  2. Cool but strange feature.

  3. would that not require you leave your 3ds on? with it’s battery life?
    i know it’d probably be in some kind of standby powersave mode but still.

    • It is in power save; from what I recall it barely uses any power – at least the normal DS didnt.

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