Dead or Alive: Dimensions Media Explosion

Tecmo Koei has released a (somewhat) new trailer for Dead or Alive: Dimensions and a bunch of screenshots. The game is set to release on May 20th in Europe and on the 24th in North America.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions is the first game in the series released on a Nintendo platform. The game includes 25 playable characters to choose from. The story mode covers the storyline from DoA to DoA 4 and has its own epilogue. The gameplay modes include online play, tag mode, photo mode, training mode, and figurine collecting for SpotPass battles (much like SSFIV 3D Edition). Tecmo will also release 34 costumes every day via SpotPass after the launch of the game. The costume distribution starts on May 24 and ends on June 26 in North America (May 20 – June 22 in Europe). The cycle will repeat itself once more from June 28 – July 31 (June 24 – July 27 in EU).

Here is the full roster:

Dead or Alive:

  • Ayane, Bass, Bayman, Gen Fu, Jann Lee, Kasumi, Lei Fang, Ryu Hayabusa, Tina, Zack, Raidou

Dead or Alive 2:

  • Ein, Helena, Leon, Kasumi Alpha, Gohyakumine Bankotsu-bo

Dead or Alive 3:

  • Brad, Christie, Hayate, Hitomi, Omega

Dead or Alive 4:

  • Eliot, Kokoro, Alpha-152

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball:

  • Lisa

The fighting games on the 3DS are shaping up to be quite impressive. As with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, there is touch screen support to make the game easier to play. Tecmo takes it a step further by allowing you to actually perform combos straight from the movelist. As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s still not as cheap as doing charge moves in SSFIV at any moment. It doesn’t seem like the utilization of the touch screen for Dimensions breaks the gameplay.

You can check out the somewhat new trailer below. It’s actually an older trailer from a few months ago but it’s now in English instead of Japanese (and even then…).

Source: Press Release


  1. You weren’t joking, that’s a lot of screenshots..of the middle of..ladies..

    • lol. There were even more! I excluded a bunch!

  2. photo mode!


    • U perve lol

      • What?.. what..? .. what?..

        No… why would I do that *cough, *cough, *cough

  3. I’m sad to see Ein not make the list. But this game looks really good, with a bit of 3D to smoothen out the edges this could be fab. Yes, I found the 3DS is at it’s best with the 3D just slightly on, that way it makes everything look smooth, you get a larger sweet-spot, and it doesn’t make your eyes hurt. Now, I’ve only played with a #DS on a stand, but I found a teeny bit of 3D made the games look best.

    • Ein did make the list. He’s the first name listed under DoA2. Hayate is there too >_>

      • Woha, how could I’ve missed that? Thanks Delriach!

  4. I just noticed that this trailer isn’t really all that new. It’s actually from a couple of months ago. We posted the Japanese version awhile back but the video was removed for whatever reason. So yeah, it’s … kinda new… sort of… in a way… perhaps…

    I updated the story to reflect its not so newness. I don’t understand why the press release made it sound new and why Nintendo just posted it. >_<

  5. Hopefully once they’re done with this they’ll get their ninja designing asses onto DOA5 which we have been patiently waiting 5 years for.

    • Yeah I’d like to see it on the PS3

  6. the doa games have long been my favourite beat em ups, i just like the way they flow more than almost any other game in the genre.
    there’s less of the predefined preset combos and more scope for improvisation.
    it’s just a shame the series has the cheapest ai, and they used the worst tricks to make the boss battles harder.
    screen effects making it impossible to see, useless camera angles and then finally a boss that can actually cheat at will.

    but the actual combat engine, fantastic.
    and multiplayer, either local, or online when it’s running well, absolutely bloody brilliant.

    hitomi was always my favourite character to play.

  7. DOA should be called – Boobtime…..

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