Sony Seeks Restraining Order Over PS3 Hacks

Sony has asked for a restraining order against George Hotz and the so-called fail0verflow group over the recent ‘jailbreak’ hacks against the PlayStation 3, along with a few other unnamed entities.

Rather than a straight lawsuit over copyright infringement (or otherwise), it looks like Sony are citing Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and requesting that all “circumvention tools” be taken offline.


Indeed, Geohot’s website has been updated to reflect this, with the restraining order request published on there (and on Engadget) as PDFs – looks like Sony just want the ‘jailbreak’ taken off the web.

We’ll update as we can.

Source: Engadget.

TheSixthAxis does not condone piracy and does not recommend the modification of your console – doing so is against the Terms of Use of the console and is possibly illegal.



  1. It saddens me to see such promising hacking brought down by the possibility of piracy. Tis the nature of humans though. You get dedicated hackers and genuinely fascinating technology online but then you get the pirates who have to ruin any possibility of homebrew for everyone soon after. Why do people suck so much?

  2. The usual response to trying to take something off the web is that it spreads even further, so good luck with that one.. Fortunately, the DMCA is only a US law so will only affect the US. It’s a sad state of affairs, tho, when people can be penalised for modifying their own property.

    • the thing is, i bet its so difficult to hack for the normal person it will never become a major problem. Making a USB key, that just plugs in, then a rom plays is the level at which mass market will take hold. All i seem to be getting from all this court stuff, is that Sony are making it more publicised.

  3. The part where Geohot went wrong was to publish his creation therefor making him and associates liable….

  4. I’ve already commented on previous threads on how Geohot is clearly a very skilled programmer, and clearly not stupid, he knew what the consequences would be when he started tinkering with the PS3.

    If you mess with Sony’s premium bit of kit then you must expect repercussions.

    • If Geohot is so clever then why doesn’t he use his cleverness to get himself a nice well paid job? And to stop wasting Sony’s time with legal action and new firmware that tries to fix security loopholes. We’ve already lost OtherOS thanks to him. I bet if Sony came out and said Cross Game Chat has been delayed 12 to 18 months because of him, his popularity would plummet.

      • I think that most of the best hackers end up working as developers once their notoriety has spread and they realise that their skills can earn a good living instead of just fame.

      • Fair points Tony, but I don’t think Geohot was the sole party responsible for the loss of OtherOS, and if Sony were to pull a stunt like blaming him for the delay of a feature coming to the firmware I think it’d be percieved by everyone as the attempted smear it’d be and it’d have no influence on the pirates anyway.

        I’m just waiting for the influx of forum posts, images and comments that contain the PS3 mastercode, just as we had before when DVD copy-protection was hacked.

      • One quote that keeps coming to my Trekker mind, Q to Sony –

        “Con permiso, Capitan. The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It’s now time to see if you can dance.”

      • True Geohot isn’t the sole reason for the removal of OtherOS but he was certainly the catalyst. And anyone can see that Sony have a finite amount of resources to put into firmware development (including additional features) and if they have to use that resource combating those who break the AUP/TOS then it is clear they are delaying further improvements and features.

      • As the hackers have said, this is it; 5 years into the cycle of the console the security’s finally been hacked with no going back. Sony should be chuffed that it’s taken this long – the PS2 was hacked earlier in its cycle than this and it was still a profitable system for them.

  5. Hang on, didn’t a US court rule that it was ok to jailbreak iphones? Won’t that affect the outcome of this?
    Anyway, i hope this is just one phase one and that they can also ban modded PS3s.

  6. At least Sony haven’t gone in all guns blazing and sued their asses! I know Gehoot was affraid of a law suit. Hopefully they can come to an arrangement (Sony hire him!), but it’s allready too late and the code is out there. I think he shouldn’t have released it though, that was a bad idea!

  7. Geohot might be in problems, fail0verflow will not, as they have not released anything which was copyrighted.

    I guess this was to be expected, to bad it’s not going to do any good, the damage has been done.

  8. Wow! Looks like Sony have taken my idea of “asking them nicely to stop”…

    • quick suggest something else before your power wears off!

      • Free games for all! Oh, wait, isn’t that piracy and what Sony are trying to stop?

  9. jail the little toe rag and his band of hacking twats!,lets see him hack his way out of that!.

  10. Maybe Sony should have just engaged the infamous “kill switch” on all of Geohot’s hacked PS3 consoles… then he wouldn’t have been able to develop the code. :)

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