Final Fantasy Versus XIII Still PS3 Exclusive

News is coming thick and fast out of Square Enix’s event over in Tokyo today. The big talking-point is obviously the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, but in other FF news, director Tetsuya Nomura has reiterated that upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive.


RPGSite are twittering about the event, stating that Nomura “stood his ground on the platform” when it came to a possible Xbox 360 version.

In other SE news, Final Fantasy Agito XIII on the PSP is now officially Final Fantasy Type 0. It’s a big’un, with the game coming on two UMD discs.

Source: RPGSite



  1. Mwah ha ha ha ha! PS3 FTW

  2. 2 UMD? Hells bells.

    • I know, I wnat it just to find out what it’s like in quality and FMV!

  3. It better be. Permanently.
    Hopefully the new trailer will be up soon, really want to see it…

  4. I never completed FFXIII, didn’t enjoy it or the storyline to be honest. I got the point where you go to fight the final boss and it gives you the choice to go back and do all the things you missed. In all other FF games I would have left and made sure I’d done everything I could…in this one, I just didn’t give a toss.

    • I did complete it, but i totally agree, i didnt do anything after i had completed the game. I also feel that the characters, and story, just wasnt good enough, to make actually care about any of them, unlike most of the older FF games! I hope Versus, brings us a good Final Fantasy!

  5. Yes! As it should be.

  6. 2 UMD’s? wow that should be a good game then!

    • Or, as the cynic in me likes to think of it, a good way to push the digital download service…

      • Zing!

      • haha i dont think it will put anyone off. Also coming to the PSP and not just the PSP2, which is good

  7. Any word on a release window? Gameplay footage? I want more info about Versus XIII.

    • From speaking to “industry-types” there’s the feeling that we’re not going to see Versus this year. Totally unsubstantiated by the way. I’m still reading a bunch of Japanese press releases looking for any corroboration of this.

      • WHAT?!? Grrr so 13-2 and verses in 2012?

      • At least I get my FF fix for 2011. I don’t care which one comes first. :D

      • Hmm could be much has happened in the Japanese gaming industry during the last year.

  8. need some pics, vids something!

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