Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled

Kotaku is claiming, from “multiple sources” that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is cancelled.

Apparently the game was officially cancelled within the “last few weeks” and the decision has impacted morale at the developers Square Enix. Indeed, the rumour states that the game will be left to “die quietly on the vine and fade away” rather than getting an official cancellation announcement.


The game has only ever been seen in the form of occasional trailers and screenshots, despite being announced six years ago.

The same site suggests that the development and resources behind Versus XIII have been “folded into another game” – Final Fantasy XV, although it’s not clear what this actually entails.

“Whether it’s been cancelled entirely or had resources absorbed into a newer, larger project, the game we once knew as Final Fantasy Versus XIII would seem to be no more,” says Kotaku.

“We have no information on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but will be sure to update you as it becomes available,” is the current official line from Square Enix.



  1. Kind of gathered this, very little information released about it, although the trailers looked great! Shame

  2. I think it was previously rumoured that FFXIII Versus was going to become FFV prior to E3.

    • FFV? Whoah, timewarp. I feel all 1992.

  3. I was shocked when I saw Kotaku tweet this. This long in development and now it looks like it’s no more. It’s a real shame

  4. :'(

  5. Was always likely to happen unfortunately.

  6. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Not surprised, but disappointed nevertheless.

  8. And instead we may get FF13-3 which will brutally murder every song that has been in the franchise since 1-6. :( If i hear a dubstep version of the Chocobo song in 13-3, kittens and puppies will get dropkicked.

    I’m not surprised as the lack of footage is usually a sign that things are not going well,unless it is a part of your marketing.

    I hope it won’t be turned into FF15 as FF sequels never use the same universes. Unless it’s a direct sequel or prequel to a certain FF.

  9. That’s a real shame, was rather looking forward to this. Fingers crossed we see it in another iteration in due course.


    Wow, has it really been six years already? I guess deep down I knew it was going to happen. I just hope this means FFXV is happening soon. I would also be happy with a FF release on the Vita.

    • Addendum: I think it’s pretty cheap to just let an announced game silently slip into oblivion. Just announce the status of the game and get back to work.

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