Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Hits

The news is very ‘Final Fantasy’ heavy today what with the Square Enix conference going on, so you’ll have to forgive us for going and posting another FF related story. Fortunately this isn’t just any old bit of news; it’s the seven minute long Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer.  Enjoy.

Source: YouTube



  1. FUUU… youtube, for feck sake they might as choose a alternative format

    • Like what? YouTube is the most widely used service.

      • I’m not being serious…

  2. Gameplay reminds me of Kingdom Hearts with a bit of Crisis Core.

    • Yep, spot on. As I said below, the KH fighting system is the best system developed since random battles.

    • Versus is directed by Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series and producer of Crisis Core.

      • Ha, that’ll do it then!

      • I get more of a Dirge of Cerberus/Crisis Core vibe from the vid.

  3. Niiiice. Looking forward to seeing the HD-version of this.

  4. Whaaa…? That looked crazy. Looked more along the lines of Kingdom Hearts with the fighting mechanism, which IMO is the best fighting system there has been since random battles were done away with.

    Can someone enlighten me though…where does this fit in with the FFXIII universe or does it even? Is it a completely separate game?

    Either way I like the look of it. Nice change from the usual FF looks with the sprawling city-scapes and (slightly) toned down look of the characters.

    • As mentioned above, any similarity to KH is due to Nomura’s involvement. Versus is set in the same universe as XIII but is a completely separate story with its own characters etc.

  5. looks good from what i could actually make out of it, more real time than pretty much any ff yet by the looks of it.

    what i’m really curious about though is how this ties in with xiii, is it like a prequel, before most of the population had to move to cocoon? maybe even dealing with the reason why.

    that big monster certainly looked a lot like the behemoth from xiii.

    • wait.. that woman with the big sword about to fight noctis. isn’t she the one in the xiii-2 trailer with lightning? just wondering because the swords look similar :S

    • I don’t think the games share the same world. Their connection is much more subtle like… something about crystals if I remember correctly.

      • “Final Fantasy Versus XIII is, according to its developers, a wholly independent story unfolding with different characters and a different visual design. Although it is set within the same Final Fantasy XIII universe, it is unrelated to any other entry within the compilation and is thus neither a sequel nor a prequel to any other entries in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII series.”

        Debatable if it’s the same world. Definitely the same universe, and, yes, more crystals than you can shake a gypsy at.

      • Thanks. I was too lazy to get the official description on my mobile.

  6. this looks amazing!

  7. Hello old friend.

  8. Looks stunning, fingers crossed it will be out this year, XIII-2 is getting a release this year and Versus has been in production longer so it should see a release soon… On another note, you don’t need to excuse yourself with posting alot of FF news, it’s to be expected, and it’s all the fuzz now anyway.

  9. Looks amazing.
    I hope they’ve figured out that people don’t like running down the infinate corridor, but the gameply segments from the video look like the game will be a lot more open.
    I hope it gets released soon, I’ve been looking foward to playing this for ages!!!

    • i remember reading somewhere cant remember where but there is meant to be a world map and different locations

    • i remember reading somewhere cant remember where but there is meant to be a world map and different locations

  10. Looks really good hope it has a good story

    • I have too second this. Also, i hope it is released this year!

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