Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Now Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first announced almost 6 years ago at E3 2006, but since then news has been scarce on the title.

Now a video has appeared online which could hold an interesting twist, if it’s real.


MCV seems to believe that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will instead now be Final Fantasy XV, though a source for that has not been revealed.

The video description claims that this trailer in the video was shown at a pre-E3 press event held by Square Enix, with the title apparently appearing on PS3 and Wii U.

Of course, take this as a rumour of the highest order until Square Enix confirms or denies otherwise.

Source: MCV



  1. Good for Square Enix, they really need their non Eidos divisions to start pulling their weight…

  2. Errr, what?

  3. It also has the Wii U logo at the end?

  4. At what point did that say it was the old Vs XIII?

  5. Big fat fake.

  6. i don’t care what they call it, so long as they just bloody finish it. >_<

  7. I think this is a good idea, we’ve had two XIII games so hopefully by doing this they will have more of a clean sheet – something different would be very welcome.

  8. Interesting, its taken a long time for the game to be released and with XIII being a bit controversial with fans (can’t say much haven’t played but from gamers its a disappointment it seems) maybe it would become XV. Yet its strange the battle system on a previous trailer didn’t look turn-based more like Kingdom Hearts plus the style is more realistic than futuristic or fantasy. So it seems this will much different from Either XII or XIII. Didn’t like the latter but I was hoping the next would have a different system, didn’t really click with me.

    So it Seems perfect to be XV rather than going for a spin-off and its intriguing that its apparently a Wii U game as well that will be huge for the system if true.

  9. I guess it wouldn’t be the first time they done something like this. Final Fantasy XIII Agito became Final Fantasy Type-0

    I just want to get my hands on it now! Great news if it’s true.

    • Is that game released in the UK yet? I hope so.

      • Nah, afarid not. Not even a wisper on a US release. E3 announcement maybe…. :P

        Funny enough though, I heard a rumour not that long ago about a HD version of Type-0 for PS3! Just give us the game already!

  10. Had this on pre-order since last year. From amazon for £7. Hope this comes off :D

    • £7? lol wow.

    • whoopsie! misread the roman numerals – though it said 14!

    • You had be fooled <.<.

      I got it for £3 :p

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