Next Week’s PSP2 Reveal Cited By Bloomberg

We’ve already mentioned this, but it appears that the big reveal of the next PlayStation Portable is now pretty much a given, according to Bloomberg.

“Sony plans to unveil an updated PlayStation Portable handheld game device on Jan. 27,” says the report, “followed by a game-playing smartphone in February.”  The article cites “two people with knowledge of the plans,” although doesn’t name them as they “declined to be identified because the plan isn’t public.”


“With the updated portable player and the Sony Ericsson touch-screen smartphone to be shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,” it continues, “the Tokyo-based company aims to gain market share in markets dominated by Nintendo and Apple.”

Patrick Seybold has declined to confirm whether next week’s event will indeed be focused on the PSP2, which we’re confident will go with a more traditional physical media than UMD disks.



  1. Do we know if it will actually be called and be marketed as the PSP2, the amount of times the word ‘updated’ was used in that sentence makes we think sony may just be spinning this as an upgraded PSP Go! Albeit with much better capablilities and Physical media compatibility. Persoonally I prefer the idea of using sd cards, little to no hassle carrying 10 of them around and they won’s sound like a cat stuck in a box.

  2. Looking forward to finally hearing concrete info on what the PSP2 is and can do.
    Reading MCV, it seems it is going to be marketed as “a high-end portable equivalent of its next-gen home console”… so what if it was actually called the PS3Portable and could actually play, say, your PS3 PSN titles? And you could sync your saves between devices?
    That would be great, right?
    While I’m dreaming, I’d also like a pony.

    • And a lollipop and a mobile phone*?

      *Obscure DeathSpank reference

  3. I love my psp but thanks to hackers it is under supported, I can not wait for the PSP2

  4. I hope Sony go for a world wide launch so us Europeans don’t have to wait ages longer than Japan or the US.

  5. I can’t wait until they finally release the features and price

  6. lets hope its not as expensive as the ps3

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