DC Universe Online Goes to Smallville

Taking us back to where it all began, DC Universe Online are off to Superman’s hometown, Smallville, in its latest “alert”.

Luthor is up to his old tricks, infecting the inhabitants with the exobite contagen and hence causing citizens to grow Doomsday-esque exo-skeletal chitin. And go a bit nuts, naturally. Players will be charged with either vanquishing the contamination or covering it up.


Doomsday has also been entombed, until the marauding Kal-El-killer gets out. Pick up tractors and smash them over his head, as this alert will require your team’s entire strength and cunning to complete.

No news at this time if Kristin Kreuk appears looking bemused as her town goes to pot.

Source: Official EU PlayStation blog



  1. All sounds great. I just wish there wasn’t a monthly sub to pay or frequently large downloads. I appreciate neither is possible but as I say, “wish” ;)

    • Same, I just can’t justify a monthly subscription when I know how much time I’ll be ploughing into LBP2 and Dead Space over the coming months.

  2. How the hell are you meant to kill Doomsday? He defeated pretty much every superhero on Earth then killed Superman. He’s destroyed entire planets in the past! The only way they managed to convincingly stop him was leaving him at the end of time.

    • I got rid of an ex-girlfriend that way once.

      • Brilliant. That gets my vote for comment of the year.

  3. Still looks like the best alert so far. Some have been poor,yet most are entertaining.

  4. If you were to get the game later, could you play these bits or are they time specific?

    • these alerts should still be there, they’ll be adding content, i can’t see them taking any away for a while.

  5. Reached level 30 yesterday, so I should be visting Smallville in the near future :)

    • Dude slow down! I won’t be anywhere near you when I get online!

      • It took a week to get from Lv.1 to 30. It’s fairly easy all the way through. Just started two more characters who are already at Lv.10.

  6. I probably won’t be playing this after the first month.. My game takes 10 minutes to load and then 10 minutes sitting in cue to get the server I want… I run into multiple glitches and the framerate creeps during heavy battle, It hard freezes my ps3 about every other day..

    I was excited for this game but it seems like I do more loading, reloading, downloading, waiting than actual playing… It just sucks all the fun out of it..

  7. “DCUniverse Online goes to Smallville?”
    I wish it’d come to Derby – sold out everywhere on day one and no stock since!

  8. this looks cool, but i just can’t get myself to justify paying 50 euro for the disc and then paying a monthly sub to just play it. Dont think ill ever get this game.

  9. Im diggin all the Smallville refrences.

    • I’m digging ur name dude lol

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