Half Life Live Action Fan Film

Did Half Life ever have a ‘zombie’ section? I don’t recall the series featuring the undead (they were aliens – remember the headcrabs? – ed) but the universal rule of ‘Anything + Zombies = Awesome‘ seems to apply to this fan film based in the Half Life universe.

The film took a team of seven to produce, cost $1,200 and was shot entirely in their spare time. The film follows Adrian Shephard, the main character from Half Life: Opposing Force, as he struggles to deliver an important message. Cue zombies, CGI and some rather nifty hand-to-hand combat.

Source: YouTube


  1. That was brilliant :D

  2. Really awesome fan film.

  3. Yeah I don’t like the zombies and the kung-fu style, but everything else was pretty damn good. Nice work.

  4. very impressive that i guess they choose not to bother with putting face crabs onthe zombies because of the budget.

  5. Very awesome, no cheese only a great presentation of skills, kick ass action and cinematographic interpretation of a classic game. Great work!

  6. i have to say i was very impressed. why don’t they make a proper half life film though? or one based in the universe? give it a good writer and a couple of decent actors. the cgi and camera work were great

  7. I’m impressed. Low budget, a bunch of friends fooling around in their free time. Love it.

  8. Awesome is the only word!
    Some serious effort went into this and it really shows.

  9. Anyone else here seen War of the Servers?

  10. actually seen this short last year. Its very good and well made.

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