Disney Interactive Layoffs

It seems like hardly a week goes by without some awful news of layoffs at a game developer. The latest reports are that Disney Interactive Studios are laying off staff from their Los Angeles headquarters and the Junction Point Studio in Austin, Texas.

Disney Interactive have been going through something of a transitional phase in the past year with some huge and promising tie-in projects being cancelled (Pirates of the Caribbean) and an attempted shift towards the lucrative casual market with the acquisition of Playdom, the social gaming company.


Following lacklustre critical reception of two of the company’s big Q4 2010 releases (Epic Mickey and Tron: Evolution) there seems to be worrying times ahead. That’s in spite of strong sales figures in some areas (Epic Mickey sold well over a million).

Our sympathies go out to everyone affected by the situation at Disney. We hope all the talented guys and gals get themselves a new gig as soon as possible.



  1. Brighton based Black Rock’s future is unknown but after developing Pure & Split/Second they’ve shown they’ve got what it takes this gen. Also, they’re one of the few 3rd party developers to platforms near as damn it, platform parity, showing they know what they’re doing under the hood too.

    It will be a very sad day if they were to go.

    Just shows you the rewards for not aiming high and developing low key cheaper to produce games for the Wii instead of trying to do something impressive like was the aim for Epic Mickey.

    I think Disney have got it massively wrong & should be bringing more of their content in-house instead of licensing brands to SEGA (Ironman) Activision (Marvel Universe) and whoever makes their identikit movie tie-ins, with only Toy Story 3 being the only good one.

    Best wishes everyone at Junction Point and good luck Black Rock!

    • I would really like too know who made the decision for Propganda games to abandon that Awesome looking pirates game they had planned for that horrible Tron evolution game.

      It looked really good and then it was just canceled no explanation just canceled. And then they made Tron Evolution and after that they are closed down. Almost if Disney Interactive had this planned all along.

  2. Sadly the Recession will and is having an impact on everyone. Its just a case of when it happens :-(

  3. Shame to hear about more layoffs, but hopefully the good people will find new studios elsewhere.

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