Sony’s Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Geohot

In an interesting twist, the US District Court for the Northern District of California has approved Sony’s requested for a temporary restraining order against Geohot and company. This prevents them from distributing or linking to the PS3 jailbreak; helping or encouraging others to jailbreak; hacking into the PS3 or PSN, or distributing any information they’ve found while hacking.

In addition they now also have to give Sony’s lawyers any computers or storage media used to create the jailbreak. It’s just a pity it’s now widely available across the Internet.

Source: Engadget



  1. its a start atleast!

  2. Still say they should just hire the guy.

    • Indeed – It’s too late now, it’s out there, he could seriously help them see how pirates do the things they do. Surely it would help if SONY knew in detail how exactly they did it?

    • Have you seen him speak, a look into his eyes tells you he nneds to be in Arkham Askylum.

    • Still say he should just get a life.

      • @ any smart arses out there:

        I’m aware of the irony of me posting that on a games website; so don’t bother pointing that out ;)

      • We are on the same website though, so any comment made against you would behighly hypocritical.

      • I’ve just popped in from my wild parties and supermodel orgy to say – speak for yourself.



    • If he hacked the PS3 and went directly to Sony with his findings, then he would have deserved the job. Hiring him now after what he did would just give the impression that if Sony gets scared, they hire criminals. It would just send the wrong message.

    • Just make him conviniently disappear. I know a guy. £40 and a bottle of Jack Daniels. No questions.

    • Agreed Roynaldo but i think Microsoft are thinking the same thing.. they’ve already invited him to get in touch with them to see if he can hack Windows mobile Os.

    • the guy has already cost sony a lot of problems hiring him isn’t good for them.He would have been employed by sony had he presented them with his findings on the hacking without releasing it them to the public.There is a site that has ps3 games torrents thanks to him and company.Does he even use homebrew that much to warrant the hacking?comments please.

      • I agree. The bed has been made now Sony and Geohot must lie in it. The ironic thing is, Geohot, if he had rpesented his findings to Sony, could have gotten quite a well placed possition at Sony HQ to prevent any PS3 hacking. He’s clearly one of the best thoughm so maybe they could co-vertly take him on.

  3. good news.

  4. ‘they now also have to give Sony’s lawyers any computers or storage media’

    Well… That’s his whole life gone.

    • Not really. If he’s got plenty of cash in the bank, he can do it all again.

      • He’s a games nerd, when have any of us had any money? And it’s gonna be a bloody expensive year, NGP or no.

      • Wow, people really don’t know who Geohot is!

        He makes more money than ANY person on this site, Google hired him after the iPhone jaibreak and I’m pretty sure Google pay him a large sum on a yearly basis.

  5. too little, too late

  6. There’s no point in Sony , Microsoft or anyone else trying to hire this guy.With his undoubted talents , he must be incapable of the normal social interaction skills required to hold down a job.If he did’nt have some kind of problem he’d be a millionaire by now.

  7. Why are you guys calling out that Sony should hire him, as far I know he wasn’t the one who broke open the PS3, it was failoverflow. Egohot is just trying to steal all the glory like he did with the iphone+the fact that even journalists claim he is the almighty hacker of the PS3, causes misunderstandings, despite the fact that he didn’t do shit.

    I hope he gets a fine that will make him miserable since I don’t think he will spend time in jail.

    • Please do some research before posting cr*p.

      He did HACK the iPhone back in 2007 and most of the unlocks/jailbrreaks are based on his work.

      He ignited all the hacks in the PS3 when he first said he had hacked the PS3, ever since then people have used his findings to hack the PS3 without a dongle.

  8. They should put George Hotz and Julian Assange in a ring and let them fight it out with nothing but an old PS/2 keyboard and a crusty ball mouse with gunk on the rollers. Last man standing get’s a pardon.

    Call it Ego Death Match 2011 and sell tickets on pay-per-view, I’d sign up.

  9. Sue this guy until he doesn’t even own his breath. Once you are done with him, start with the other ****** from failoverflow.

  10. I hope Sony crush him!

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