HuskyGames Dev Diary 001 – Let’s Get Started


In April 2007 Michael sent me an email. “Shall we set up a PS3 website?” asked the text, innocently. It’s been nearly four years since TheSixthAxis was born, and now, under the wing of Peter (colossalblue) it’s become one of the best websites in the industry – professional reporting, unmatched community focus and a nicer group of writers you’ll never meet.

“Shall we make an iPhone game now, then?” Michael asked a month or two back. I’m a sucker for a bit of coding, but I’m also quite happy slogging away at pixels in Deluxe Paint 4, or pretending OctaMED’s still the best way to create music. I’m right, of course, but that’s probably for another post.

So, yes, we’re making a game. An iPhone game. And, unless the pitchforks and flaming torches say otherwise, we’d like to talk about it here on TSA as we go along.

Firstly, we’d like to extend our warmest graditudes to Ansca Mobile, the guys behind the software development kit Corona, which we’ll be making the game in. They’ve granted us a license and in return we said we’d give them a shout, so here it is. We’re hoping Corona, which basically lets you code in LUA, will be the key we need to coding on the iPhone – there’s been some great games already released in it, so we’re optimistic.

So what’s our first game going to be?  Well, that’s going to remain a secret just now.  It’s not that we don’t know, it’s more that we think it’s pretty cool, and don’t want anyone stealing it and adding Doodle to the beginning of the name – at least, not until it’s already out on the App Store, that is, at which point it seems to become fair game.

But yeah, all that’ll come, but for now rest easy in the knowledge that we think we’ve found something original, something a little different, and we’ve now got the tools and the impetus to get it rolling.  We’ll be back with more soon, I just need to fire up the Amiga 1200 and dig out my Workbench disks, or this thing’s never even going to get started.



  1. keep us up to date ive been trying to get my head around objective – c and xcode for a while lol

  2. Whatever it is, I bet it’s going to be brilliant! Best of luck guys!

  3. Good luck with this guys.

  4. Sounds awesome, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with :)

  5. Sounds like a good idea. Keep us up to date if you can guys.

  6. Best of luck, look forward to hearing all about it.

  7. It isn’t easy to make a game – nevermind a fully fledged one that works completely. I’ve managed to make something in C# for Uni, and that was a lot of work.
    Good luck, soldiers!

  8. Good stuff, and good luck.

  9. good luck guys.

  10. Did anything happen about “Vektar Beat” announced a while back?, I assume its been cancelled, as there hasn’t been any info on it. :(

    Unfortunately I don’t own an iDevice (and don’t really intend to buy one) so I won’t be able to play this new game, but I wish you the best of luck and it should be interesting to hear about your experiences making it.

    • I was wondering about Vektar Beat too. Was it dropped when JAW started work on the new Abe’s Odessey?

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