Yakuza 4 Demo Coming Soon

SEGA Europe has announced that a demo for Yakuza 4 will be available on the PlayStation Network later this month. PlayStation Plus subscribers will have exclusive access to the demo starting on February 16th, while the rest of the PSN will have to wait until February 23rd.

The Yakuza 4 demo will feature all four playable characters giving you a chance to test out each of their unique abilities and fighting styles. If this is the same demo as the one released in Japan last year, you’ll have to fight your way through a series of enemies as each character. The Japanese demo also had a portion from the Story mode, so hopefully that will be playable as well.


SEGA also released a new trailer that focuses on the hostesses of Yakuza 4. It’s nice to know that they’re still in the game as originally intended. As bitter fans might remember, hostesses were one of the casualties of Yakuza 3’s localisation process.

Yakuza 4 launches exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on March 15th in North America and on March 18th in Europe.

Source: SEGA



  1. What? I played that months ago! Didn’t understand a word though :-D

    • Yappari anata wa nihongo ga wakarimasen yo!

      • ok, i understood that! i did have a japanese girlfriend once :-D

      • I’m pretty sure “I don’t understand Japanese” was pretty much all you said to her, then.

  2. As long as I get to kick people in the face in Tokyo, I’m happy.

    • There’s a quote for your bio!

  3. Is there a demo of the the final Yakuza game coming anytime soon? The one that releases in Japan soon.

    • Of The End. Yeah, Japan should get one … I’m assuming.

  4. Rio? cool……

  5. How important is having played the other Yakuzas before playing number 4 do you think?

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