Take Two The Best Publisher Of 2010

In a lovely report over on Metacritic, the review aggregator has proclaimed Take Two as the highest scoring publisher of last year, no doubt helped by stellar reviews for the brilliant Red Dead Redemption.

The publisher, which houses 2K Games, 2K Play, 2K Sports and Rockstar Games, came out on top with an average review score of 77.1, just ahead of Nintendo with 76.1. Only those two got ratings of over 75% giving them a ‘green’ badge.


“Take Two did not release a single poorly-reviewed game last year;” says the report. “On the contrary, nearly two in every three releases earned positive reviews. And the numbers for subsidiary Rockstar Games were even better; Rockstar averaged 82.1 for its 10 scored products last year.”

In third place was Capcom, scoring 74.5 in the average review score list, with the PS3 release of Super Street Fighter IV the best scoring game for the publisher, with 92%.  Microsoft are in fourth place, EA fifth, Activision sixth and Sony down in seventh.

Sony’s best scoring title is God of War III with 92%, the worst being Kung Fu Rider with 36%.  “Sony actually scored better for its PSP releases than its console titles,” say Metacritic, “averaging over 73 for the former and 69.8 for the latter.”



  1. I may be being ignorant here, but what games do MS publish themselves?

    • Halo, Forza, Fable, Pinball FX, Alan Wake, Dance Central, Toy Soldiers, Perfect Dark…

      • Ah ok I suspected Halo, and realised Alan Wake after I posted. I’m not a big 360 player really so 1st party titles don’t get as much of my attention as Sony’s.

      • Are you sure about dance central.

      • Dance Central is distributed by MGS. Its publisher is MTV Games.

  2. I don’t want to be an ass. But could you post the source? I’d like to see the whole list.

    • Nervermind. I missed the link in the first sentence.

  3. I stil can’t get the hang on any Rockstar games and I know why now – the controls are awful. “Run away from zombies!” I tell cowboy, “No, to run away I have to run in 180 circle so im facing the other way, I can’t just turn around. Oh im dead. Sorry”

  4. I guess it is a testament to the variety of devs Sony publishes, and the though crapness of Kung Fu Rider. What were they thinking?!

  5. It shows, if you make great games then great scores are a given (more specifically R* as i dont think iv played any other 2k games)

  6. nice to see could be on top this year as well.

  7. No doubt Sony were brought down by the Move’s launch titles.

  8. Thought Sony had a decent year but fair enough with Take two.

    2011 is surely Sony’s though!! LBP2, KZ3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3 etc….

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