Activision Aiming For Take-Two?

When you’re dubbed the best publisher of 2010, everyone else takes notice.  It’s like wearing nothing but bright red super-tight underpants – people stop and stare, and then want to pinch you.  In the nutsack.

And so enter Activision, who MCV are claiming are quite keen on fondling the delicate curves of Take-Two, citing ‘rumours at the highest level’ as reason enough for the interwebs to suddenly get very excited about Call of Duty: San Andreas.


Or something.

Indeed, abandoning the likes of Guitar Hero (however temporary) and True Crime might well make way for cozy bedtime chats between the remaining Activision labels and those under Take-two.

Not that the rumours are anything more.  “They are just rumours,” says some chap on MCV. “And, of course, given Activision’s news this week, everyone is now looking to see what their next move is. But you can definitely put two and two together and make four-ish.”

Imagine if Grand Theft Auto heading to Activision was reason enough to let go of United Front’s title?



  1. Boo. Keeps your grubby hands off, activision.

  2. I’d rather not thanks, GTA is the type of series that could easily treated as a cash cow and not somoething I would want to see. It needs an overhaul for number 5, this much is obvious after the clunky controlling and incredibly pompous nature of GTAIV. I can’t imagine activision giving them enough time but settle for pushing out game after game.

  3. Activision need to pull something out of the bag, acquisition may be the only way to do it following the closing/slimming down of many of their own studios

    • ….or they can gain profit by branching out to the multi-billion p… okay I won’t bother bad joke :p

  4. I hope Activsion leave everyone alone. They have a habit of closing any studio that doesn’t make them 100 billion dollars. At least EA give studios a chance if their games dont sell. There is no way we would see Dead Space 2 if Activision made the 1st one.

  5. What – so they can put Take-Two’s IP’s to sleep like they did with True Crime..?

    • Precisely. If CoD is the only game in the market, I’m sure it’ll be the one which sells the best!

  6. Where have I seen this before?….

    • E——— A—
      Hint: You read it: “yay”

  7. With any luck, this stays as speculation. God knows what activision would do to take two if this actually happened?

  8. Dont go to the dark side, praying take2 dont sign any papers.

  9. I really hope Take2 will refuse as chances are Rockstar would be shutdown if they failed to make x amount of money. Plus i don’t want to see GTA become a yearly thing with overpriced DLC.
    Surely COD makes them enogh money for them to survive on their own? Does this mean they are trying to form an empire of gaming?

  10. please god no. As much as i love Red Dead. I wouldn’t want to see it a yearly franchise. Also, they will just close them down when they have been milked dry.

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