Duke Nukem Forever ‘Balls of Steel’ Edition Outed

A picture has surfaced of a Duke Nukem Forever ‘Balls of Steel’ Edition. Included is the game, some art cards, a hardback art book, a comic book, a set of cards, two poker chips, two dice, a certificate of authenticity, and a statue of Duke’s head. Disappointingly it doesn’t contain any gum, or toilet paper for when you finishing pooping down an alien’s neck.

Maybe that will be in an ultra-rare limited edition?


Source: VG247



  1. That’s certainly a lot of useless stuff. I bet it costs an arm and a leg…

    • yeah, can do without a pack of cards and dice … going to cost alot

      • Just received an email from shopto.net who have put a price point of £89.84 with a few to reducing this as UK pricing not yet secured.

    • *view not few!!!

  2. No gum? Bah!

    • As we’re all outta gum, that leaves only one thing…

      • … Go down to the store?

      • Kick some ass? Or just roll up into a ball and cry?:P

  3. Looks a great set, though I can imagine it will carry a £100+ price tag, which is too much given the game itself screams ‘rental’ at the top of its lungs.

  4. You don’t wanna know what I read the subtitle as… Yes I know, mind, gutter. Moving on!

    • Bum is a disgraceful word. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Bah, I was hoping for a Duke belt buckle or Duke aviator shades.
    Still a pretty sweet package though, I wonder what the price is going to be…

  6. I don’t care what you lot say, I’m defientaly getting this and nip down the shop to get “EXTRA” Gum or “WRIGLEY” and throw it in.

  7. What a game of poker that will be with 2 chips!

    • It does seem stupid. Why not include a poker set, since you have the cards, it might be worth having then.

    • good point, wonder if the dice are loaded could be useful

  8. I’m still slightly in shock that this game is even coming out.

    I feel sorry for it in a way. Look at the backlash GT5 got for taking six years of development, what chance does the have with its 13!

  9. would of loved the belt buckle!

  10. I was expecting the case to look like balls and are painted to look like steel. A lot of crap but the statue does look nice and could be worth a lot.

    • probably plastic coated in lead piece of S…. TAT.

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