Fan-made PlayStation Video Gains Popularity

Nothing gets me buzzing faster than a good game trailer for a title that I’m excited about, but what we’ve got here is something different. An apparent PlayStation 3 fan has created a very unique video that is rocking YouTube right now. It has gained over 5,000 hits in the past few hours and is likely to skyrocket to fame from here, with many major publications posting it on their sites.

Personally, I interpret this video as a ‘why we play games’ tribute but it’s likely that non-gamers are going to have a very different interpretation. Some are saying this video is one of the coolest things they’ve seen in a while, but others are claiming that it could be bad for games based on how the non-gaming media will view it.


It’s just below. See for yourself and be sure and let us know what meaning you get from it.

Source: YouTube



  1. It looks definitely too slick to be just a fan-made video.

    • Yeah production values look way too high. However the awful ending using the PS3 banner from years ago does point to it being fan made.

    • It is pretty slick and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a students assignment project, that he decided to release on Youtube as well as hand in.

      • Think it would have been more suited with a wii at the end, otherwise it suggests that all them genres (including the shooters) are aimed at kids.

        otherwise well made and something i could see being a proper advert

  2. That is fantastic. Really well made. No doubt there will be some negativity from some over it though. Shame.

  3. It’s really good. Shame it’s let down by the ending, was all a bit abrupt.

  4. Yea the ending was too fast, loses a bit of meaning. Also the ‘special effects’ look a little tacky. In terms of filming and match cuts etc though, looks very good.

  5. that was really good

  6. To me, the message is kids can do things in games that they can’t in real life. Pretty much why we play, like you said :)

  7. How does fan-fucking-tastic grab ya?? On point, it was showing different genres of gaming, fighting,shooting etc…but damn was it clever and slick. Sony get on the sodding phone FFS and hire this chap!

  8. I get the message that we should be out there doing things in real life than playing on our PS3. As much as I would love to be a Samurai i’ll stick to my games.

  9. Great short! Shot and composed so well! I’d believe Sony bankrolled it if not for the schoolyard fight.

  10. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t fan-made. I can’t see any Gaming company showing kids playing violent games (war, beat-em ups etc). I think it’s excellent though.

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