Jet Set Willy Lands On iPhone

Seems like we might have gotten too excited over the recent Telegraph article regarding a ‘relaunch’ of the ZX Spectrum, as we’ve just got a press release in from Elite Systems about what they’re actually doing right now, with the ‘relaunch’ to happen “later this year”.

So what’s happening now?  Well, Elite are bringing out Jet Set Willy for the iPhone, which will (in the first update to the App due soon) feature a TV-out option and keyboard support, and then Matthew Smith’s wonderful platformer will be bundled into the ever growing ZX Spectrum Collection as an in-App purchase.


So, in theory, you’ll be able to play some of the best Speccy games through your TV via your iPhone, on a keyboard, very soon.  It’ll need the Apple TV-Out Component Cable or Apple VGA Adapter and it’ll need to be a recent iPhone (version 4) but – yeah – it’s there.

But what about this ‘relaunch’?  Well, here’s the interesting bit from the press release:

“Later this year, just ahead of the 30th Anniversary of its launch, Elite will be re-launching the Sinclair ZX Spectrum; the re-publishing of Matthew Smith’s signature game ‘Jet Set Willy’ along with the exploration of support for wireless keyboards is all part of our preparation.”

Sounds good to me, but we’d love to know exactly what this relaunch will manifest itself as.

You can read about the ZX Spectrum Collection here.



  1. JSW’s out next week, sorry, forgot that bit.

  2. As tempting to purchase JSW on my iphone as it is, I’m sure I used to lose all my lives within about 20secs or only make it to about the 3rd screen which will kind of make it pointless. Old games were so much harder!

    • I think there’s an infinite lives version too… :-)

      • Bonus… Sold! Talking bout iPhones, to save me hassle with my password next time I log in from my phone, is there a way of turning capslock on or am I being a div?

      • The infinite lives version may well break the universe or something. I remember howling when I’d get stuck in fall-die-respawn fall again loops till all my lives had gone in the original. Ace game though, now if only I had an Iphone

      • double-o-dave: if you double tap the shift key, so it goes blue, that turns caps lock on.

  3. A story involving iPhones and Spectrums? Alex is hyperventilating!
    I really think TV Out/airplay has the potential to be great for iDevice gaming. Not sure how good JSW will look an a 42″ HD screen though :-/

  4. lol jet set willy u know. uber old skool.loved that on speccy bk in the day and manic minor,horrace goes skiing ect. i got the emulator for my android fone but doesnt seem to work to well. old games were the hardest thats for sure.something to do with poor movability but hey.if it wasnt for these games we wouldnt be here today.

  5. I have to say Matthew Smith is a total legend and for any of us in our thirties he is a gaming god , we see him in the same way young uns look at the Metal Gear and Zelda creators .
    His disappearance only added to the intrigue , when young ones bang on about Mario being the original platform star it angers me because Manic Miner and JSW where THE platform games of the eighties , so few people owned a NES in Europe and my only memories of Mario where those Game & Watch units . I think the younger gamers read a lot of stuff on USA based websites and get the idea that we all had NES and Master Systems when instead Europe was full of Speccys , Commodore 64’s, Atari 2600’s, Amstrad CPC somethingorothers , Vic 20’s , BBC Micros and Tandy TRS-80S .
    I really would like to think Matthew Smith gets some royalties for every sale but I sadly suspect the rights where probably flogged long ago as the guy was only 16 years at the time.
    I have Manic Miner and JSW original cassete tapes (yes including the anti piracy color chart thingy) hanging on my wall in my gaming room !! People go apes**t with nostalgia when they see them .

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