Spyro the Dragon Returns

Activision will be bringing back everyone’s favourite dragon (no, not Bruce Lee) Spyro with a new game titled ‘Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure’. It doesn’t stop there though, as a new line of toys will also be released comprising of 31 different action figures. Augmented reality also plays a part, as during the game you can put an action figure on a plastic ‘portal’, and they will then appear on the TV screen becoming part of the game.

No individual prices have been announced, although a starter kit containing the game, the portal, trading cards, and three figures will sell for $70. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure will be making its way to consoles, handhelds, computers, and phones.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Good to see Spyro coming back and good to see Activision not completely leaving the “plastic add-on tat” market!
    Augmented reality is the next move for games, I think. Far more immersive than 3D and when it works it’s really charming :)

    • Yeah I agree, Start the Party and Kung Fu: Live being two stand-out examples of AR that I’ve particularly enjoyed / been impressed with.

      • Eyepet and Invisimals are a couple more examples. It’s really starting to gather pace now and I think it will just need one developer to use it in a particularly engaging way (for the masses) and we’ll see a deluge of titles trying to make the most of it.

      • I still love wobbling the paint brush on Start the Party! This has really got me interested, I found an old PS1 demo disc the other day with a Spyro skate level on it, loved it.

  2. My GF loves Spyro – shell be chuffed :-D

  3. God, remember the days of Spyro when I used to play it as a kid along with Crash – good times, good times indeed. Seems like there trying to make it a little different and add some new life into the game, but it’s novelty and will probably just wear off after so long.

  4. The original Spyro is a fantastic game, truly a highlight of the Playstation brand overall for me.

    It’s unfortunate that none of the sequels matched the first though, and I expect this will be no different.

    • i thought 2 and 3 were better than the first by miles.

      then insomniac shifted it off to equinox or something and it all went pear shaped.

      • The 3rd one Year of the dragon I think it was called, was the best one IMO. Had lots of different sections and was great fun. And when you’d completed it 100% it said u had to get to 120% to complete the game! Good times.

  5. I got all excited thinking this might be an HD remake of the original :(

  6. I loved the original Spyro games, but as there were more and more sequals the magic just disapered and it just became another franchise

    • Feeling the same, Spyro 3 is still my favourite PS1 game, absolutely LOVE that game. Everything since then has been sub-par, I reckon this will be aswell… :(

  7. Loved the original games. I hope they bring the series back to live.

  8. Never liked the first games, might look into it though

  9. My main concern is booting up the game and seeing ‘X’ toy is required to play this level. So begins an endless stream of buying stuff to be able to play – it’s the new DLC!

  10. Yay loved Spryo 1-3. Hopefully this is like them!

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