Arcana Heart 3 Coming To PSN In North America

Aksys Games announced today that Arcana Heart 3 will be released in North America for the PlayStation Network. The PSN version will be available for $29.99 when it launches this Spring. The fighting game was released last month as a disc-based title in Japan for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Oddly enough, the press release does not mention an Xbox 360 version for North America.


Arcana Heart 3 features an all female cast with 23 playable characters to choose from. The game includes a story mode, score attack mode, training mode, and an online multiplayer mode developed by Arc System Works (BlazBlue).

The Japanese trailer below should give you an idea of what to expect. The North American debut trailer can be found on the AksysGames website. As you’ll soon see, this is definitely not a game that will appeal to large audiences, which is probably why it’s coming to the PSN.

Source: Siliconera, Aksys Games



  1. I’ll be honest and say I only clicked this after I read the sub heading. Don’t stare.

    • bro-fist

    • That was my reason as well.

      though considering im going to school in a few hours, i am now disappointed that i did it (my expectations are currently impossibly high)

  2. a possible fun game to hold over MVC3 down times.

  3. haha, someone mention school girls?….

  4. Looks strange. Kinda cool though.

  5. Looks decent… but I’m surprised that this is coming to the PS store would love to see more japanese hand-drawn sprite fighters than on the PSP and Neo Geo..

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