Fight Night Champion ‘Offence & Defence’ Trailers

Ah, now these new Fight Night Champion trailers probably explain why I suck at boxing games. It turns out I shouldn’t just be randomly hitting the punch button over and over again, and there is a tactic to both offence and defence.


Armed with this new knowledge I’m going to kick some backside come the games release!

Source: Joystiq, Trailer 1/Trailer 2



  1. I love boxing and I really enjoyed the demo for this. I’m quite looking forward to it, if I can find time to play it!
    Nice to see that they’re stressing the craft of boxing as much as possible and not just the haymaker knockout moments.

  2. really looking forward to this, however strictly a lovefilm title. I am bored of paying EA my £40 per year subscription for their update.
    If I buy 1 EA sports title this year it will probably be Rugby 2011

  3. Getting a lot of mileage out of the demo and I’m feeling a purchase might be on the cards for this.

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