UK Chart: Week Ending 12th February

GT5 has left the building, and after several months the iconic racer has fallen out of the top twenty and driven off to parts unknown. In its place we have Test Drive Unlimited 2, and whilst it’s good it has been plagued with online issues that are yet to be resolved. We follow the TDU2 Twitter account and it’s made for grim reading over the last few days, as the team battle to fix the game breaking bugs. Fingers crossed, guys.

Elsewhere Dead Space 2 drops a place, Sackboy dangles over the edge of the top ten, and people still seem to be buying Just Dance 1 and 2, and CoD: Black Ops.


Source: GFK Chart-Track



  1. Littlebigplanet 2 is not doing very well.

    • It’s a shame really, but then as good as it is, it was never going to challenge to big players for that long.

    • I think the people who really care about it have it by now though.

    • Don’t be fooled by headline sales. Some games are slow burners that continue to sell lots of units outside the top 20 for a very long time (years). Gran Turismo, LBP are games like these.

      GT5 has shifted something like 7m copies so far…

      • I’m pretty sure it’s doing just fine. I remember 4 million people on launch weekend. Although that may be a combined number, that’s still like 3.5 million sales. The numbers have dropped to 30K though.

  2. AC: Brotherhood still hangin on in there, and quite high too. Good stuff!

  3. I’m surprised to see GTA complete pack in there, surely Rockstar must be hard at work on GTA 5? any news?

    • Hopefully they’re taking their time reworking the driving mechanics and actually thinking of a fun story and missions after GTA4’s suck fest.

      • GTA IV was a great game..!!

      • No, it wasn’t

      • yes it is.

      • guess you played a different game, GTA IV was great, as were the DLC’s, oh and there is nothing wrong with the driving mechanics, it’s not GT it’s GTA

    • I saw it on offer in a few places, you could get it for around £15, so I imagine that has helped sneak it back up!

  4. GT5 gone nooooooo… NFS: Hot Pursuit is still hanging in there though! And who doesn’t own a copy of CoD:BlOps??? There can’t be that many people left?

    • I don’t!

    • Modern Warefare 2 was in the charts pretty much every week until and including when Blops was released, somehow…

      Incidentally i turned on Blops for the first time in about 4 months last night, played 1 game and turned it off. I will be trading it in soon

      • Already traded it in after playing it 3 times – the last time was only because of downtime on the Badcompany2 servers. BLOPs is a dreadful game after the delights of squading up in BC2. BF3 will rule.

  5. It would be great having a European chart.

  6. haha Ben 10 made it into the top 20

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