GT Academy 2011 Announced

Sony has just announced GT Academy 2011, this year’s entry into the long-running racing championship powered by the sublime Gran Turismo 5.

[boxout]GT Academy 2011 Europe goes live on the 4th of March, and will start with a special event in the Seasonal Events section of Gran Turismo 5, which will run until Sunday the 17th of April.

The competition will be open to the following countries – UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands – and you can get all excited about it by watching the fancy Youtube trailer below:

TheSixthAxis is hosting its own GT5 competition, details of which are here.



  1. If you win, you can also do ads like this for Nissan. Who wouldn’t mind driving godzilla around town? I sure as heck wouldnt.

  2. Well, will give it a go but don’t think I’ll win.

  3. I dont stand a chance but will enter, hopefully it gives you lots of xp and cr ;)

  4. I’ll give it a go again, tried for the last two but failed to make the cut by a fair margin! Was in the top 4,000 last time! Long way to go before I can get in the top 10!

  5. I’ll give it a try. Only got the game today so will have to put some serious time in on it.
    Great game though.

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