PSN Launches Gamer Voted Awards

The PlayStation Network Store had rather slow and somewhat patchy beginnings. Over the past couple of years though, it has really picked up in terms of pace, consistency and quality. Now the problem when browsing the Store isn’t finding something worth spending your money on, it’s limiting what you spend and ensuring you get your hands on the best games available.

This is where the PlayStation Network Gamer’s Choice Awards step in. Essentially it’s a scheme for users to rate and vote on their favourite products from the PSN Store. Voting starts with 20 nominees on the 22nd of February and will be concluded on the 1st March. Users will vote by downloading a free XMB theme which corresponds to the game they want to vote for.

[boxout]The nominated games will be selected from the top rated games across the four categories: Best PS3 Downloadable Game, Best PSP Downloadable Game, Best PS3/PSP Mini and Best PSN Exclusive Game. The winners of each category will all be put on sale as part of their victory celebrations in the upcoming PSN Spring Fever Sale.

Here is the full list of nominees, selected according to their user ratings:

  • Best PS3 Downloadable Game: Castle Crashers, Costume Quest™, Death Spank, PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World™: The Game
  • Best PSP Downloadable Game: God of War®: Ghost of Sparta, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Phantasy Star™ Portable 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, Valkyria Chronicles II
  • Best PS3/PSP MINI: A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, Age of Zombies™, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, Vector TD, Young Thor
  • Best PlayStation Network Exclusive Game: Dead Nation, Hustle Kings, Joe Danger, Sam & Max Ep. 1, Soldner-X2

So what will you be casting your vote for?



  1. Nice. Love that they’re doing something to engage with the community on this level. And we gat a bunch of free themes. Win

  2. Castle Crashers, Persona 3, Age of Zombies and Dead Nation

  3. A wonderful idea!
    I think I shall vote for
    Pacman – loved the demo
    gos however i already have it :P – so I will vote for VCII
    age of zombies – played it once, very fun
    dead nation – a game i badly want

    • I was very dissapointed with Dead Nation, loved Super Stardust, but found Dead Nation very boring and just a bit bland overall.
      Wish there had been a demo out to try first.

  4. sounds like a good idea with maybe a little flaw…
    when the winner will be on sale afterwards, people willl probably vote for games they dont have allready. if you assume that they have already bought the best games, those probably wont get their votes…

    • you might be limited to ony voting i you have already downloaded said game

  5. Shouldnt the awards be based on the star rating?
    and i dont get that the psn store dosnt have a user recommended section based on star rating.

    • That’s what the nominations were chosen from- hence the surprising omission of Peace Walker!
      My question is this happening in the EU or just the US?

      • Oh ok thanks for the clarification, guess i should have my glasses on when reading the article.

        i do still wish there was a user recommends section rather than the we (sony) recommends

  6. So it simple terms, we all get loads of free themes in exchange for voting.?!

  7. Considering that
    1) This has only been posted on the US blog, and
    2) It is sponsored by Sprint
    I’m assuming this will be a US only thing (unless you are privy to info we don’t have) … which is really poor.
    Also, as gerboes says, people will tend to vote more for games they haven’t bought purely because they’ll hopefully get them at a reduced price.

    • Can anyone confirm whether or not this is US only?

  8. Hustle Kings and Soldner X-2, but no Critter Crunch.

    Is this a joke?

    • That’s what I was thinking, some great games have been omitted from those lists!

  9. Nice idea.
    A lot of omissions and while maybe my choices aren’t the highest rated games in each category, these are the ones I got the most out of.
    Costume Quest.
    Valkyria Chronicles II.
    Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess.
    Joe Danger.

    Loving the new little info boxes you’re featuring in some articles. Good stuff.

  10. Hmmm, don’t really like any of the choices, but considering joe danger has crisp visuals and runs at 60fps created by just a couple of guys gets a vote from me.
    Wipeout HD?
    Battlefield 1943?
    where are they? my 2 fave PSN games. :(

    • It’s apparently done by the star rating system- hence no Peace Walker either. And I agree, Wipeout HD should be number one by a million miles.

      • Whilst I totally agree about the (in my opinion) terrible nominations for best downloadable game, this is for games released in 2010 … Wipeout was released in 2008 and BF 1943 was released in 2009.

      • And Hustle Kings in 2009..

      • Hustle Kings wasn’t released in the US until January 2010.
        Yet another pointer to the fact that this seems to be for the US only.

      • You’d be correct.
        But Peace Walker? Modnation Racers?
        Two great PSP games, although that line-up up there is pretty strong too, I’ll admit.

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