More Dynasty Warriors 7 Characters Revealed

With Dynasty Warriors 7 officially launching on April 1st (a week earlier if you reside in the States, grrr) we’re finally at the homestretch, and here are several more previously unseen fighters to whet your appetite. Most notable is Guan Suo (bottom right), fictional son of the mighty Guan Yu, and husband to Bao Sanniang who played a major part in the Nanman campaign.


Cao Pi, Guan Ping, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Xu Zhu are also featured in the magazine scan. Minor changes have been made to their appearances, and sadly, instead of trying to make Xu Zhu a more serious, believable character, Omega Force have opted to ridicule him further, with an exposed stomach and high probability of even more cringe-worthy voice acting.

Source: KOEI Warriors



  1. I’m with you on the Xu Zhu thing – it’s interesting to have very different looking characters but he’s just so damn dislikable

  2. Xu Zhu!? did they do it for the lolz

  3. Is this game any good?

  4. They have possibly some of my favourite characthers now!!!
    Kessen 2 was immense, this will be with the addition of the mighty… GUAN YU!

  5. now that’s the kind of pun i expect from tsa. :)

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