Staff Cuts Hit Rare

For those of us who were avid gamers in the 90s, the name ‘Rare’ conjures up fantastic memories of all-night GoldenEye sessions, and gems such as ‘Jet Force Gemini’ and ‘Blast Corps’. It’s sad news indeed that Microsoft has confirmed that a “small number of employees” at the studio have been told that their jobs will be lost as part of a reorganization process.

Sources speaking to Edge are claiming that Rare’s art department (42 people) is currently at risk and that 19 staff will be let go.


As always, TSA hopes all affected land on their feet.

Source: Edge via VG247



  1. I can’t think of the last time that Rare had a major hit game. Sure, there’s been good games coming from them, but nothing that’s made the gaming world sit up and go “WOW!” since the buyout by MS.

    It could be that MS has pushed them in the direction of heading up the Kinect and other smaller games, but since we’ve seen other venerable studios completely shut down for much lesser failures, including Ensemble Studios, who were bought at roughly the same time as Rare, I’d say this is quite light on Rare.

    Of course, I hope those now without work get somewhere else soon. I’m just saying, this could have been a whole lot worse.

    • Rare did most of the work with Kinect. They also designed the 360 avatars. Seems they did most of the backroom stuff MS wanted them to do and now it’s done there’s no need for that many staff.

      • Plus, they practically launched the 360. Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero, while not perfect games, did heavily support the 360s launch. And with MS resting the Kinect launch on them, I think it shows there’s quite a bit of faith in RARE over at Redmond.

      • Perfec Dark Zero was my first foray into the FPS genre and was probably the main motivation behind me buying condemned and Mirror’s Edge, so I guess I have a lot to be greatful for to Rare.

  2. What terrible news. Rare were absolutely magic with Nintendo and nearly everything they touched turned to gold.

    They’ve struggled with their time at Microsoft.
    I hope they all find work and the company prospers.

    A personal favourite is Killer Instinct Gold (among others such as Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie) and I dream of a sequel or remake one day.

    Massive shame. It’s just started raining in my part of the world too… :/

  3. Shame for all the employees. Hopefully m$ will sell or release rare so that there talents can be put to better use. who own the rights to Blast Corps? Rare or Nintendo?

  4. Shame, real shame.

  5. Rare haven’t been the same since the staff losses before the MS acquisition.

  6. Didn’t Kinect Sports sell great?

  7. Always sad when people lost their jobs. I hope they manage to move on quickly.

  8. ’tis a real shame, Rare were one of my favourite companies. I dream of the day a Blast Corps remake/sequel is announced. Good luck to the guys without a job.

  9. :(

    I know Rare has done a lot of work for Kinect & with the new Avatars etc, I thought that would be a strong investment area for MS?

  10. Not a rare event in the industry right now
    Still i guess MS feel they can carry on without so many people.

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