NFS: Hot Pursuit To Get Three DLC Packs

EA have announced three new DLC packs for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Each pack will cost  £5.49 (560 MS Points) and will be released weekly, the first pack arriving on February 22nd.

The packs are:


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Armed and Dangerous

The first pack, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Armed and Dangerous, contains two all-new game modes that expand and extend the spectacular online experience. “Most Wanted” is an open world battle where the cops are out to bust a specific racer while the racers battle to protect them, making full use of the open world, weaponry and demanding team tactics.

In “Arms Race” it’s every man for himself as racers use their full arsenal of weaponry on each other in ruthless races to the finish. In addition, this pack also contains three new trophies and achievements.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Lamborghini Untamed

Lamborghini Untamedadds three of the world’s most famous Lamborghini’s to the game, but with a Need for Speed Hot Pursuit twist; the legendary Lamborghini Diablo SV, Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento will all be playable as both a cop and a racer.

In addition to this, the Lamborghini Untamed content pack will include 10 new events and four new trophies and achievements.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Porsche Unleashed

The third pack, Porsche Unleashed, continues to add to the already stellar lineup of Porsche cars in the game. Any car enthusiast will be delighted to see the Porsche 911 Turbo (1982 Edition) make its way into the game, along with the Porsche 959 and 911 Speedster.

The Porsche 911 Turbo is a high performance tier one car, designed to enable players to go back and reignite their earliest rivalries and beat their friends’ times. Also included in this pack are 10 new events and four new trophies and achievements.

Source: CVG



  1. Bring on the 22nd! And the hope that plusites gets a discount.

  2. Aw man I just gave my copy of the game to my nephew for a loan!!

    • Well, you got a few days to get it back!

      That first pack sounds awesome!

  3. Just like Burnout Paradise, you can tell Criterion made this from its after release support.
    I would have got it if the handling wasn’t as bad.

    • It’s all about the powersliding, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • I know but it just looked stupid compared to burnout paradise’s brilliant yet fun feel.

  4. Untame dadds sounds like a horrifying alternative to girls gone wild.

  5. huh, wierd. I just played this earlier today for the first time in ages and then this is announced!

  6. Armed and Dangerous. Sold

  7. Think I will pick this up soon. Played it at a friends house and enjoyed it.

  8. I was expecting this on this weeks store update but it didn’t arrive :( If you have the game now with the latest update, the new trophies are there to see and not only that but when the game boots to the main career menu, it goes to the Porsche event! You just can’t play it! Ill still pay to unlock it though

  9. I’m a bit “meh” about the Porsche & Lambo packs (like I was with the Super Sports one), but the Armed and Dangerous sounds great – pity the new modes aren’t free though, as it will fragment the online experience.

  10. Just got the platinum for this & I’m now going to be trading it in, the packs just don’t offer me enough value for money. Enjoyed it lots though. I ended up buying all the packs for burnout but can’t see me doing it again unfortunately.

    • I’m aiming for the Plat, although I’ve finished all the cop events as distinction, yet I’m only on Lvl 14…..did you play a lot online to boost your level Ash? These packs have been useful for me to try and boost XP through the extra events

      • That’s whats so frustrating. I ended up with far more bounty for racer than cop after getting all golds/distinctions. I did play online for a while, only did enough to get the trophies (10 each) but they didn’t seem to give much bounty unless you won. So in the end, I get repeating the ‘end of the line’ event. Can get about 25k each go.

      • Ah, cheers, it would seem the games structure for XP and progressing through the ranks is planned for the DLC….thanks for the end of the line tip!

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