Jurassic Park Debut Trailer

The debut trailer for Telltale’s Jurassic Park game is in – and it seems my fear of Raptors is still fully justified (evil little blighters). The game takes place after the events of the first film, and sees you return to Isla Sorna as people are trying to recover the canister of Dinosaur embryos that was lost.

Source: Gametrailers



  1. OMG cant wait for this. Will it be coming out for the PS3 at the end of the trailer it just shows PC and Apple logo.

    • previous telltales games titles have made it to ps3 as well as pc, just not at the same time.
      so i’d expect a ps3 version of this too at some point.

    • Dan Lee posted this in PC/Apple article. So don’t think it’ll be on PS3/360.
      The trailer looks great I think my missus will get it as we both love Jurassic Park, hell I remembered playing that on SNES (I think it was)
      But Dino Crisis was brilliant on PS1 – Classic.

  2. I’m very pleased these are being released. TTG are doing a great job.

  3. It looks pretty good, but it might come dangerously close to being Dino Crisis!!

    • Was just going to mention Dino Crisis – we want a HD remake :-D

      • I’ll third this just in-case anyone from Capcom is reading. :D

        This video looks good and it’d be nice to see it confirmed for home consoles.

  4. Jurassic Park on the SNES was quite good y’know – a bit like Chaos Engine

    • chaos engine, awesome!!
      this looks a bit tired though, the dino physics are a bit suspect, especially with the tricerotops hitting the jeep.

  5. I remember playing Jurassic Park on the Game Boy Pocket, it was hard and scary. I hope this will be good, everyone loves dinosaurs.

  6. What is Jade from Beyond Good & Evil doing there? Im interested to see how they can make this into a Sam & Max esque adventure. Seems there should be more action than a usual telltale title

    • i was thinking more along the lines of alex from half life 2

    • That’s exactly what i was thinking

  7. I had a JP game on PS1, I think it was the Lost World, and was amazing.

  8. My fear of raptors is made worse by the dam stalkers on deadspace 2 :/ , great to see they are making a game for this, all we need now is Jp 4 to be released :D

  9. wow looks good! Hopefully it comes to PS3

  10. Where has this come from all of a sudden?

    Flogging a dead horse?

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