First Jurassic Park Developer Diary

Jurassic Park will forever be known by many as an epic movie that will likely still be talked about many years from now. Telltale Games, the developer behind the newest Jurassic Park video game adaptation, understands this and it looks like they’re doing everything in their power to create a game that fans of the movie can relate to. In their first developer diary, Telltale talks about the steps they’re taking to ensure gamers can make the connection to the movie, and what impact the movie has had on development.

Check it out and let us know if you’re planning on dodging these monsters animals when the game hits shelves.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks fun, wheres my Dino Crisis for PS3?

  2. Jurassic park? What next, titanic? Think jp is a bit of a dead franchise to make a game of, good luck to them though.

    • I’m sure theres a few fans

      • im a RAVING fan !
        the only reason i brought an old 60GB was so i could play Operation Genesis from PS2, and own signed first editions of all the books, and all the old rare comics AND graphic novels :D
        practically screamed when i saw this was being released

    • there are rumours that they’re filming a fourth jurassic park film right now, so it’s far from a dead franchise, back to the future is less an active franchise than this is i’d say but that made a good and popular game.

      and there are fans of jurassic park, maybe not as many as there are for the back to the future films, but they’re there.

      and dinosaurs will always be popular.

      • its been in development hell for a while…

  3. I can’t wait! Thanks to the preview GameInformer did about this a few months ago this is one of my most anticipated games. The original book by Micheal Crichton is brilliant, I thoroughly recommend it (it was superior to the movie), a sci-fi ‘techno-thriller’ with philosophical tendencies… Heaven :)

    • Agreed. Excellent book. Cannie wait for this game!

  4. i still remember seeing the original jurassic park in the cinema.
    it was absolutely amazing at the time, it still looks good today but you can see areas where they were still in the early days of creating cg animals.

    i can’t wait to see what this game’s like.

  5. i think its supposed to be like the back to the future game (episode 1, episode 2) if you watch the video… the graphics, in my opinion, is prove of this…

  6. We HAVE to go back, Hammond, WE HAVE TO GO BACK!…
    Sorry… I just can’t stand life without LOST…

  7. Lara Croft being chased by a T-Rex……. those were the days…..

  8. I like dinosaurs. Wish Dino Crisis would just come to the UK already. :(

    And this looks awesome. I’m pre-ordering it from Telltale’s site.

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