Operation Flashpoint: Red River Arriving In April

Codemasters have confirmed that Operation Flashpoint: Red River will be hitting the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on April 21st in Europe, and April 26th in North America.

Some more details have also been released, and the game will feature a ten-mission campaign which can support up to four players in co-op. New mode ‘Fireteam Engagements’ can be tackled by up to four players, and introduces scenarios that must be overcome, “including one where players face waves of enemies and another where they extract marines from a downed helicopter.”

Source: Gamespot



  1. April is lining up to be the toughest month for my wallet. Dynasty Warriors 7, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, SOCOM 4, Mortal Kombat, Sorecery, and maybe even Portal 2, so I will have to wait out until I pick up RR.

    • Motorstorm’s out in March, should lighten your gaming load?!
      then again March is busy enough….

  2. Liked the idea of the first one but it was ruined by various bugs.
    Hopefully this one will have ironed out the bugs and met the potential of the first one.
    Might give this a look on rent and pick it up when the price drops.

  3. Defo getting this, love it!

  4. I really did try with the first one, but it was far too serious for me, and I died a lot.

  5. I was hoping it would read “waves of zombies”, here’s hoping….

  6. I enjoyed operation lfashpoint, all apart from your team mates AI, cant even follow a simple ‘go there’ instruction!!

  7. OF:DR was slightly disappointing due to the AI, so I’ll probably let the review scores dictate whether I should get the game.

  8. will take a chance & trade d.rising towards cost. it has to be better, question is how much better?

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