Shots Of Multi-Screen Gran Turismo 5

The news yesterday morning that Gran Turismo 5 now supports multi-screen setups was most welcome, especially from those with access to multiple PS3s and TV sets – like GT fan and TSA regular JamboGT, who’s sent over these shots of the game running with three screens.


Some of them are a little blurry, you can clearly see him looking around, behind, and testing out various cockpits.  We’ve got to be honest, it looks staggering.

Thanks to JamboGT for the shots.



  1. OH MY GOD…I want that set up!

    • this or a real car? tough choice

    • Pffft, this set-up is nothing, I want the 5 screen Set-up… I wonder if it’ll still render 3D for some 3D Surround.

    • Me too! I’m a TV short though.. If I’m going by size.
      Does it require 3 discs?

  2. I am SO all over this! Brace yourself credit card, you’re in for a shock.

  3. wow. This looks awesome.

  4. It might make a continuity improvement if you had three of the same TV, each TV can then be set-up exactly the same….

    • I can’t afford 3 of them all, was using my housemates!
      If you look there. there is more information.

      • Quite an undertaking, 3 PS3’s, 2 HDTV’s set to 120′ angle, main PS3 as a server!
        Is there any chance you could upload to youtube with a link….

      • I was gonna say that would give you one hell of a leccy bill , as soon as i turn my LCD on the wheel starts spinning like crazy in the meter.

  5. quite a setup there!

  6. I must admit you get a nice FOV with three monitors :D

  7. So first he cheats by using a wheel, now we find out he can see 3 times better than everyone else. You dirty, dirty cheat Jambo.

    • yeah damn him, like he needs any more advantages in the TSA Championship! :)

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure his housemates will want their TV’s back at some point!

    • I am dirty, but not a cheat!

      And, alas, the screens and PS3s have been returned :(

  8. That. Is. Awesome!

  9. I am so impressed! And enormously envious too of course :-)
    This kind of set-up is obviously out of the reach of most of us so I will just have to pin my hopes on the sony vision headset which should give the same sense of speed – here’s hoping.

  10. Nice set up, thank you for spending the time to set it up and show it of making us all that more envious! :)

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