Dead Island Publisher Set To Reveal New Game

By now, just about everyone and their brother has laid eyes on the Dead Island trailer. I certainly mean no disrespect when I say this but if not for that trailer, what I’m about to tell you wouldn’t be nearly as newsworthy. It seems Dead Island’s publisher, Deep Silver, is readying the roll-out of another new game. At least that’s what Aubrey Norris, Manager of Marketing and PR for Deep Silver, said in a recent tweet. Check below for the exact verbiage.

“Tomorrow’s a holiday, but I’ll be working because I’m announcing ANOTHER game tomorrow! Oy!”

As a publisher, it’s not really all that surprising that Deep Silver would be announcing another new game and it seems doubtful that whatever it is will gain nearly as much fanfare as Dead Island, but a gamer can dream, right? Stay tuned for more info.

Source: Twitter


  1. Isn’t Nail’d published by Deep Silver too? They’re really churning them out. Hope it’s something completely different, it’ll be interesting to find out anyway.

  2. Dead Island 2? lol

    Not nit-picking but it’s “fanfare” not “fan fair” bud. :)

  3. We were talking about the awesome trailer in the podcast last night. Just incredible to watch. Hopefully this is a strong sign of some quality titles being pushed out.

  4. Yeah fingers crossed it will be great quality.

  5. Yet to see much Dead Island, so will keep my expectations to a minimum at the moment

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