PS3 Mass Effect Update Outs New DLC ‘Arrival’

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 has just received its first update, 1.01, outing what looks to be new DLC, entitled “Arrival”, through the unveiling of three additional trophies. Look away now if you regard trophy names and descriptions as spoilerific:


The Ultimate Sacrifice
– Complete the Arrival DLC

Last Stand
– Survive all five waves in the battle for Object Rho

Covert Action
– Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention.

No details of when this new DLC will be available but we’re thinking soonish.

Source: NeoGaf (Thanks Jason)



  1. Yum! Was hoping for a few DLC goodies for this game. Deserves as much playtime as possible.

  2. I am curious if this is going to be free or cost money.

    • Traditionally, ME2 DLC is paid content. The only reason PS3 users got it for free was because it was bundled as part of its release.

      Expect it to follow suit and cost roughly $7/€7/£5

      • I was overall happy with the whole gams quality. However, the grass and rock textures on the Overlord DLC hammerhead levels were shocking. The hammerhead vehicle would sometimes pass through rock sinking, at one point I thoiught it was a PS1 game!

  3. There’s a trophy called ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’. Would that mean Shepherd once again kicks the bucket? A few websites are debating that trophy…

    • It’s either that, or his last rolo.

      • haha quality :D

      • That would indeed be a dark time in Shepard’s life…Although if he gave it to Miranda…

      • I’d give it to Miranda…then she can have my last Rolo


      • Mad doctor that a very good one!

  4. Saw this earlier on when I updated my trophies, was gonna post about it but I wasn’t bothered in the end :P Hopefully it’s free, but I know it won’t be…

  5. If i’ve worked it out right, it’ll arrive in 3 weeks time….

    • How so? If correct it’ll be sweet. Just enough time to finish the Fallout NV DLC and plat the game, since ive finished ME2 with 80% trophies

  6. Sweet, gotta finish the game before I consider paying for more content though.

  7. This is all well and good, but they really should’ve fixed the new game + in this update. For anyone that doesn’t know, you’re supposed to carry over all your weapons and upgrades to your 2nd playthrough but a bug prevents this from happening. As if insanity wasn’t hard enough! (the difficulty level, not the mental state)

  8. So this isn’t a patch to address the save issues?

    • That’s what the 1.01 patch was mainly for, so yes it is.

    • and the loading times, textures in Overlord, lip syncing with audio is out sometimes too…

  9. Confused now lol, what exactly does this patch do?

  10. Patch Notes

    -Fixed a crash related to memory fragmentation. This fix will also resolve the crashing that corrupted Save Games.

    -Slightly improved load times and level streaming.

    -Added some telemetry to better improve future titles.

    -Updated some strings to fix spelling mistakes (Sorry Kaidan!)

    -Fixed the picture frame in Shepard’s Cabin to accurately reflect your love interest choices in Mass Effect: Genesis.

    -Fixed a rare crash in the PSN version in Shepard’s Cabin.

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