UK Charts: Week Ending 19th February

Welcome to the UK charts for November 2010! Wait, that’s not right…It’s February 2011 isn’t it? You’ll have to forgive my confusion as once again Call of Duty: Black Ops takes the top spot, putting a massive machine-gun shaped fly in Capcom’s ointment.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 takes second place, and you will be able to read our verdict very soon, and it’s written by Delriach – a fighting fan so hardcore that arcade sticks have been known to break just by him glaring at them (well, so he says). Elsewhere there isn’t a massive amount of change, however Killzone 3 is looming.


Source: Chart Track



  1. It can’t be stopped. It’s what it does. It’s ALL it does!

    • I recently nabbed Black Ops for the bargain price of £8.28 from’s warehouse deals !!
      It must have been a mistake as it then immediately went up to £25 brand new… has anyone else benefitted from an apparent mistake from an online retailer?

    • Just wait until battlefield arrives.

  2. I thought Marvel vs Capcom 3 would of sold better then Blops. Well it deserves to that MVC3 is the best. A meet on Thursday, sorry about the self advertising but I had to.

  3. Could be because of the low price of Call of Duty: Black Ops in the shops, £25 in asda and also of the new maps out now for xbox360 and ps3 on march the 3rd.

  4. That’s just…sad.

  5. Really, who is still buying Just Dance?

    • Parents with kids i guess, trust me if you have house of 7-10 year old girls it like crack to them. my daughter and friends play it all the time, that’s all i hear from upstairs.

    • Have you played it? The mrs’ little one has it for her Wii and I gave it a go not long ago, I found it quite amusing and quite tire-ing (tiring?lol). safe to say I got my arse handed to me.

  6. Ah, the strength of the CoD brand, even with all its supposed issues. Although isn’t it £25 everywhere now?

    I didn’t expect to see MvC3 quite so high. Good to see.

    Ben 10 hanging on in there like a champ.

    • You mean LIKE A BOSS?
      Sorry… couldn’t resist. I’ll go back to my corner now…

      • Haha, I wished that was what I’d written as soon as I pressed submit. >:-)

  7. The Call of Duty games must be the gaming equivalent of the Terminator. It just won’t die.

  8. Can’t believe it still manages to cling to the top spot.

  9. How many people didn’t buy this back in november?

  10. LBP2 holding its position there too, good too see
    Hopefully at least one of those people who bought it last week will sign up to the LBP2 TSA MEet tonight @ 8…please dont make me beg…

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