WWE All Stars Finishing Moves Showcase

THQ released new screenshots today showing off some of the finishing moves in WWE All Stars. If you ever wanted to see Bret Hart lock The Sharpshooter on Randy Orton, now is your chance. This game actually looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Check out the finisher compilation video below to see how insane this game can really get.

Source: Press Release, YouTube



  1. I actually really like the idea of this game. It looks really nice too. I Think it shall be the first wrestling game I purchase since Smackdown 2006.

  2. they’ve been on the elephant steroids i see, seriously, rey mysterio does not look like that, and what’s with the bionic man sound effect?

    and i swear there was a move in there where there was a neck being broken. O_O

  3. All Stars!? it hasn’t even got Hercule!

    The graphics look decent to me but the last whestling game I had was on the Playstation/Dreamcast which was WCW/ECW?

  4. Looks great fun. As much as I enjoy the SDvsR series this will be a nice change of pace. Providing it has more match types than simple 1vs1 fights this will be a buy for me :)

  5. This looks ace, gloriously over the top! I’m looking forward to it!!

  6. Looks nuts. I bet it’s a lot of fun though!
    It’s been so long since I watched wrestling that I don’t know who anyone is anymore, so it’ll be fun to play with some recognisable characters with moves I remember.

    • haha I was in the same boat until yesterday evening when my mate invited me over to watch the Elimination Chamber PPV from Sunday night. Really good stuff. The chamber matches were brutal :D

  7. Hopefully it will have TLC and Hell In a Cell.

  8. Not enjoyed a good wrestling game since the PS1. All the ones I’ve been on since just seem bland and a chore to play. This looks like it’s bringing a healthy sense of the ridiculous to proceedings and will hopefully be more fun and with plenty of depth. Hopefully.

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