Crysis 2 Trailer – A Prophet’s Journey

A new Crysis 2 trailer was just released and it’s titled, ‘A Prophet’s Journey’. It delves a little deeper in to the story and when paired with the campaign trailer that we already have, the plot to Crysis 2 is looking stronger by the day. Check it out.

Source: YouTube



  1. The story actually looks promising! :D

  2. I think the game can be great, but the amount of non-gameplay video used to promote action titles these days leave me unenthusiastic and bored.

  3. Looks cool

  4. I really, really want this. I loved the first game and warhead (though they turned my laptop into a furnace during play).

    I’m so glad to see they haven’t just ignored the events of the first game, I’ve been worried about that since I learned the game was set in NY. Looks promising :)

  5. im still loving the look of this game, even after all the news about a pirated version, i like the look of the online too, shame no demo for ps3….yet?

  6. I must say everytime i see more of this game, it’s looking better and better, Roll on March 22nd

  7. Good trailer but, wow, does the profanities stick out like a sore thumb. Who wrote that script? Rubbish use of language. :-\ Really out of place.

  8. Looks great. But having just started playing KillZone 3 last night I think Crysis 2 will be a campaign only purchase for me.

  9. Crysis 2 has amazing online play and I can see myself playing that online mode for hours and hours. Will have to decide myself which of the two is the best multiplayer experince – Killzone or Crysis. Should be a great competition for me.

  10. Looks fantastic. The more I see the more excited I get.

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