Crysis 2 Story Trailer

Up to now, about 90% of the talk surrounding Crysis 2 has either been about the multiplayer portion of the game or piracy. We’ve finally got some more info about the single player story and it comes in the form of a trailer. I have to say, it actually looks pretty impressive. The cinematics look absolutely phenominal and it certainly seems like they put a fair amount of work in to the plot. Obviously it’s premature to get too excited about it since we haven’t played it but after watching this trailer, I’m more looking forward to it more than I was before now.

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  1. Looking forward to this more than Killzone 3 at the moment.

    • LMAO, hey man, to each his own. I enjoyed the MP beta for Crysis 2 and this trailer makes the campaign look promising too. I’m certainly not going to miss Killzone 3 but I’ll be picking this one up as well!

      • I’m not sure which I should get. Really it will depend on TSA’s review whether I buy this or Killzone 3
        I played Killzone 2 a ton and beat the game on elite, but I’m just not sure if KZ3 really raises the bar all that much.

      • looks really good day one for me.

      • when are TSA’s review for Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 out??

      • Crysis 2 is still well over a month away so you won’t be seeing a review for it any time soon. The Killzone 3 review is linked below.

  2. Awesome trailer. I hate online MP with a passion so i’ve not taken much notice of this game. But now i’ll have to keep an eye on it.

  3. Can’t wait for this one too

  4. Oh god, not another game that looks good.

  5. Looking forward to this, especially to see first hand what Crytek can do with PS3.

  6. Crysis 2 is a modern day equivalent of Contra III: Alien Rebels from the SNES. The story is identical, the graphics are a little bit better…lol

  7. Due to watching the trailer, my list for PS3 games is as follows:
    -Battlefield 3
    -Crysis 2
    -Deus X
    -Mass Effect 3
    The only SCI-FI shooter I won’t be getting is Killzone 3.To me its too similar to Killzone 2 and that was mindless gush….

  8. shame the story looks soooo bad

  9. looking good.the mp is a lill cod like for my liking but still enjoyed it.crysis2 another cod clone mp? hell yeah. killzone 3 stands up on its own? hell yeah. personally i like kz3 but this does look like a goodie

  10. if i have the money ill be picking both killzone and crysis 2 up. still haven’t picked up dead space 2 as i dont have the money at the mo.

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