Crysis 2 Multiplayer Progression Trailer

It seems like the more popular games become, the more that’s expected out of them. This is certainly true for multiplayer games that gamers continually play over a long period of time. It’s not enough just to have great core gameplay anymore. You have to be able to deliver a lot of depth too. Crysis 2 looks to be set in that field with tons of different abilities, weapons and ranks to unlock. This newest trailer is a good example. My only concern so far is that the narrator mentions that it only takes 60 hours to hit max rank. That seems like a lot but for the core shooter crowd, that won’t take long. Of course, that’s assuming there’s no ‘prestige’ or ‘veteran’ mode available like in Call of Duty and MAG, respectively. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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  1. This or Killzone 3?
    Decisions decisions….

    • Killzone 3.


      • Definitley Killzone 3. Always take exclusives over multiplats because with exclusives you know the devs have worked to get 100% out of that system without having to do ports.

    • This I reckon. Not completely sold on KZ3 yet.

    • I’m in the same boat. I’m really enjoying the KZ3 beta but I like all the different possibilities the nano suit brings and how it could make this a standout online FPS.

  2. This looks rather tasty.

  3. Crysis 2 demo on PS3?
    Apparently the PS3 version is supposed to be the superior platform….
    I would choose Crysis 2 over KZ3 though…

  4. Killzone 3 for me. However, i’ll about crysis 2.

  5. Will Crysis 2 have dedicated servers? Does KZ3 have dedicated servers?

    • I think Killzone 3 does. Most PS3 exclusives do.

  6. It looks very nice but I’m just feeling a draw from this like I usually get with most games. I hope they produce a demo to with which to turn me around or I can see this being left on the shelf.

    • I’m just not* feeling a draw …

      • The fact that its made by EA that puts me off, with the EA-VAT ect

  7. 60hrs to max your rank… I’ve reached 500hrs on BFBC2 now and I’ve just reached rank 47. i reckon its gonna take me at least another 60+ hours to get to 50. I’m gonna wait for Battlefield 3, didn’t like the KZ3 multiplayer beta and this looks similar to me. Don’t like the fact you can kick cars half way down the street either – whether I’m wearing a weird prototype suit thing or not.

    • Surely being able to kick cars down the street is a bonus? You can choose not to do it, whereas if you didn’t have the option in the first place you couldn’t then choose to do it!!

  8. This looks really fun. Like a multi-player online should be. Although I was hyped by all the BlOps features and got bored of them really quickly. Saying that, Kicking cars and super suits does appeal to me a lot..

  9. There’s alot of great additions you can make to suit, particularly like the power up where you can see the enemy’s footprints! Looks really fun, if i have the money will surely pick this up. will b picking up killzone 3 first though.

  10. CoD still has campers and thats been the biggest shooter for 4 years, then crytek do it in one (or two if you count Crysis warhead on PC)
    You can tell who listens to gamers and wants to make a good game…

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