First Crysis 2 PS3 Footage

The first PS3 gameplay footage of Crysis 2 has surfaced and it’s pretty shiny.  Crytek said last year that there were ‘no ports’ for Crysis 2, all versions are developed simultaneously and this PlayStation footage looks at least the equal of anything else we’ve seen on the 360.


Looks good, right, even though I much prefer the jungle look of the first game.  Thoughts?

Thanks, Digital Foundry.



  1. Awesome! Just awesome! I cannot wait for this. Had it on pre-order for a while now and am getting more excited about it as the release date approaches.

  2. looks great says at the end PS3 demo sweet.

  3. looks like I’ll have to lift my ban of FPS’s on consoles, just looks spectacular.

    • I’m the same, usually, but thankfully this isn’t exclusive so will hammer the PC version instead. Mouse and keyboard for the win! :)

      • Looks great, but FPS is always about control and precision…I’m fucking this up for PC. #kbmFTW

      • What does kbmftw mean? Kevin Butler’s Mum For The Win?

      • Something to do with Kris’ bum I think

  4. I’m worried that this will be a more enjoyable online multiplayer than KZ3 and I’m buying that today…

    • Uh-oh, second thoughts!
      After playing the single player demo of KZ3, I felt that it has just set itself into the run-of-the-mill FPS (which is disappointing, as I had high hopes for it). That is why I’m going to buy this instead. It offers something different, but no doubt also keeps to the FPS feel.

      • Yeah, remember that jetpack in Black Ops? That was sweet.

      • You can hardly call it a jetpack in Killzone 3. That would be just wrong.
        It lasts for about 5 seconds, with a one second burst available. Not really a jetpack.
        Also, why are you comparing it to Black Ops? There are other fps than CoD you know. You can’t assume everyone plays that. (I don’t)

      • Just because I happen to have thought of Black Ops first.

        And of course it’s a jetpack, what else would it be? Just because it works differently from the jetpacks in other games doesn’t mean it isn’t a jetpack.

  5. I agree, the jungle was more interesting. Still looks good though.

  6. I like the look of that clip. I am looking forward to playing Crysis 2 as I was underwhelmed by Killzone 3.

    • are you playing the same killzone as me?because i am finding it to be one of the most fun fps games i have bought,i really love the co-op for the campaign and i am finding it to be really fun to finally be able to play offline co-op with a friend on the same couch as most fps games this generation don’t even have 2 player offline functionality.if crysis 2 has 2 player offline i will definately get it first day,if not then i will wait for the price to drastically decrease.

  7. Jungle would have been better in my opinion, but there’s no denying this looks good.

  8. Looks good, but i thought it would look better :(

    • Change the resolution to 720p on the video – look pretty darn good to me :-P

    • i`m not saying it looks rubbish all i`m saying is it expected it to blow me away, but it just looks really good

  9. WOAHH!!! That looks shockingly bad! No AA!

  10. Can’t say that I’m excited about this one. My 11year old is crazy for it though so I’ll probably get it and give it a go.

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