Slinging N’ Shooting In New DW7 Screens

KOEI has today updated its archive with enough new screenshots to have Lord Lu Bu quaking in his boots. As well as caps from the new faction-focused trailers, there are also shots depicting several of the games colossal battlefields including Chi Bi, Jian Ge, and Cheng Du. Chronicle Mode also features briefly, though without a working knowledge of written Japanese, we can’t pull any new information from these screens.

Something we have learned is that there will be a number of player-controlled artillery units scattered throughout the game, a brand new mechanic. At present we can only spot Ballistas and Trebuchets (presumably used to knock down barricades and fort walls) though there may be more in the full game.

Source: Press Release



  1. I know they are basically the same game everytime, but I always get excited when a new Dynasty Warriors is on the way. Can’t wait. FIRST!!!

    • I wasn’t cool enough to know what DW7 stood for. Thanks, fella. :-)

    • Even though DW6 was a major let down (from the perspective of a hardcore DW fan) I have very high hopes for this.

  2. Ooh I do love a good DW game. Will definitely be getting this when it probably drops in price after the first week of release :)

  3. hey Ive been learning japanese for awhile. I run a gaming blog review which you can visit Anyways If you’d like you can message me the japanese writing segment and I can try and translate it for you?

  4. Hmm I’m fine with ballistas and trebuchets, but I recently saw a trailer when a character swapped to what was effectively a machine gun. Now I know the series hasn’t always been incredibly accurate, but let’s hope we don’t start getting ancient Chinese jetpacks

  5. Hummm, never played one. Might do though….

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