New ‘Child of Eden’ Gameplay Videos

Child of Eden was first revealed during E3 last year but it went dark for quite some time after the initial announcement and trailer. Today, the game is back on the radar and the blip is rather large. We’ve got four new gameplay videos below and I must say, it’s looking very sharp. Child of Eden is being developed by Q Games and published by Ubisoft. You can expect it on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this June.

Source: YouTube via Gamespot



  1. *dribbles*

    • so…what happened to this being visually stunning? looks no better than Rez, plus looks like it was made for the Wii.

      if you liked Rez, then this is a game for you, if however you were bored of Rez within the first few levels then it’s looking like this will be exactly the same.

      it will be fun to find out which motion controller works better…the Move…or the…er…you.

  2. There needs to be a music visualiser mode for me to bite.

    • Oh! and the developer is Q Entertainent not Q-Games.

  3. Move seems perfect for this. Can’t wait!

  4. That’s pretty jaw-dropping stuff. … Want.

  5. Move written all over it.

    Pew, Pew, Pew on the otherhand ha

    [Sorry – KB is the reason for that :-) ]

  6. Definately Move support then…? This looks spectacular, I loved Rez so very much!

  7. Just me but it looks a though after 5 mins it’ll be boring. I was bored half way through the video. Do all you have to do is point the move at the moving blobs? I don’t get it? Not trying to cause grief but would someone explain why I’m wrong (as I feel in the minority here)

    • Did you ever play Rez…? If you have a PS2 lying around and you can get hold of it – do so. Child Of Eden will make sense then.

      • Have no ps2. I have move an want to get something good for it, but think I’ll need a demo of this on psn before ever parting with any cash first.

  8. Never has the word “sparkly” been more apt. I don’t really know what’s going on in each video but it’s fantastic looking and could easily be one of Move’s premier titles. Hell, if they do a good job I’ll buy a Move!

  9. That looks gorgeous!

  10. Looks interesting. This and Journey are on the top of my”games to buy on PSN in 2011″ list.

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