Activision Deny CoD:MW3 Stunt

Activision has denied any involvement in ‘‘ and mailing out a pair of bloodied dog tags. They have stated that no announcement will be made about Modern Warfare 3 at the GDC, so who is behind the stunt?

It’s just been revealed that the teaser site is linked to an art group by the name of ‘We can Pretend’  and they will be creating a “visually spectacular” live action short film inspired by Call of Duty. It’s not a game, its modern art  and it’s got nothing (officially) to do with the Activision franchise.


If you are annoyed by the ‘We can Pretend’ stunt  then think how I feel, I had just written a very amusing piece in which TSA consulted News Hound, our psychic Husky, to discover who was behind the prank. What a waste.  

Source: GameSlice 



  1. They’ll still announce it though….

  2. I find it all very funny, in a way. We’re living in a digital age where people can mock-up anything they fancy and make it look bloody convincing. Sadly, we’re also in a situation where the media don’t want to feel left behind and rush news stories out without full investigation* but then that’s how the tabloids work too so we’ve been used to this method for decades.

    However, it does provide some free smoke & mirrors for the publishers whilst they conjure up the real thing and it gets them free press too!

    Not sure where I’m going with this comment but it’s kinda funny, sorry.

    *I know TSA tries to investigate things as thoroughly as possible which garners respect all ’round. Please don’t be offended by my off-the-cuff remarks. :-)

    • Next week I shall be sending a piece of lamb to the meat marketing board, with the website burnt on it. Then the week after I shall reveal it’s a stunt for my new album.


      • Obviously if you’ve spent time writing an article and it’s suddenly proved completely useless by the truth being outed then I’m genuinely sympathetic. However, perhaps, seeing as TSA has more than news, it could be used as a springboard to something else anyway.

        Looking forward to the new album, fella. :-)

  3. Have they breached any copywrite infringements using the characters and cashing in on the Modern Warfare Brand?

  4. Activision have milked COD so much that even if this was real I’d still fail in showing any enthusiasm for it. It’s going the same way as guitar hero.

  5. I’m bored of COD now.

  6. It certainly apperared convincing enough.
    Free publicity for the brand, many writers time and effort wasted and the many, many millions of CoD fans disappointed and excitement crushed.

    I just envisioned a devastating ripple effect where something resembling a world disaster just occurred and it all stemmed from that once innocent stunt.
    Urgh, that was weird, I think I need a lie down.

  7. Aww I want MW3. I loved MW2, I’ve spent loads of time on it. I hope there is a MW3 coming this year.

  8. *cries* I was so looking forward to this, MW2 was fantastic and I’m really looking forward to MW3.

  9. CoD series = Guitar Hero series in the next 2 years. Nobody’s going to buy it anymore, and they’ll just release DLC for the last one they’ll make. I’m sure they’ll make another FPS though…hence the contracting of Bungie. A new developer, a new franchise.

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