Modern Warfare 3 Revealed In 5 Days?

That Video Game Blog have been sent some bloodied dog tags inscribed with a website url, The dogs tags are also inscribed with the message ‘end the war’ and the personnel details of Shepherd, the bad guy from Modern Warfare 2.

If you click over to the website an image of Makarov appears and is quickly replaced by a countdown timer. That timer will expire in about five days time, right in the in the middle of the GDC.


It sounds like the Modern Warfare hype machine is about to kick into gear, and though no one is going to be suprised by the announcement of Modern Warfare 3, the message ‘end the war’ is intriguing. Does it refer to the end of Makarov, or perhaps the end of Modern Warfare? A trilogy would be a nice way to wrap up the series and Activision can then move on with Call of Duty: Future Pants Adventure (or whatever the next one will be called).

Source: ThatVideoGameBlog



  1. No another one :(

    • like its the only franchise to have a yearly release, gr8 input.
      being as its not treyarch, im quite hyped about this.

    • Same :(

    • it appears it was all a hoax

      Update:All is not as it appears; according to a statement from Activision, this year’s Call of Dutyis not yet revealing itself. Comments a spokesperson for the publisher: “There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Dutyproject. Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.”A hoax? Now who’d be the one to to benefit from something like that?


  2. With the SWF and CSS file being called “mw”, I’d so so. But I guess it was obvious anyway. Let hope it’s on par with some of the BF3 trailer’s going around.


    • Good, I’m not the only one who immediately checks source code.

    • There is also a hammer sound after every second, perhaps hinting Sledgehammer are developing MW3?

      • Mmmm yes, they are. Been news now for months now man.

      • Avernus its been a rumour, not news

  3. Unfortunately for all other developers I fear my time may be exclusively reserved for many-a BF3 marathon at the end of the year.

  4. Cool cool, loved the MW games so far

    I’ll be on it like a car bonnet…in 5 days

    • The Modern Warfare series has had a great story, if a bit bonkers.

      Really up for the campaign.

  5. this is great (if predictable) news!, as much as i hate the series it should provide the mouthy 12 year olds with something to focus on instead of drifting off into games i actually play and ruining my good time :D

    • so you done a survey? no thought not.
      im in my 30’s, possibly gaming before you wore trousers

      • i never said “all” i was referring to those who are evidently far too young to play the game that unfortunatly do and inevitably (in my experience) ruin my experience with vulgarity.
        its good to see that those people like yourself that the game as marketed to are still playing in numbers, but as i said, im referring to a specific set of players.
        incidentally im 26 and im fairly sure theres a picture of me at 2 years old wearing trousers ;)

      • “ruin my experience with vulgarity”
        agreed good sir, unfortunately they plague every online game i enjoy. no more so than b.ops, as it lacks a full mute. (then theres the bored minors who resort to teamkilling)

  6. What will be interesting is seeing how MW3 will fair this year. We have got such strong competition from possibly BF3, The COD Killer

    • zzz ZZZ i love & play both bf/cod, fuck i wish id stuck at reading the title. what a depressing moaning bunch of posts.
      (bf didnt kill cod last time, nor will it this one.) fanboyism frowned upon here, i think such ongoing pessimism should be also.

      • Why are you taking it so personal? The comment above has absolutely nothing wrong with it, it isnt even pessimism which is hardly a crime. He even says “we” as though suggesting he is a COD player. Calm down, it is a game!

      • granted, apologies
        cause/not an excuse, build up of frustration at the amount of cod hate this pro cod thread recieved.
        again granted, not necessarily the post i replied to.

    • whine my ps3 better than ur xbox – fanboyism
      my bf better than ur cod – fanboysim
      both childish, boring, annoying, unproductive & only has potential to create anamosity.
      if the former not tolerated here, nor should the later.
      cod killer lmao, if this was ever the case, cod franchise wouldnt be as lucrative & as popular as it is, being younger than bf (mw2 1 of the biggest selling games)

      • I literally apologized to myself for making me read your post.
        This isn’t Justin Bieber’s Twitter page. You can use whole words instead of replacing them with letters or numbers.

      • likewise numbers are permitted, sorry to hear you find word abbreviation so distasteful.

      • @ 8ball

        How about shutting the hell up and letting people share their views? If they think battlefield is better than COD, they can bloody-well say so!

      • @HandBanana (oh abbreviation)
        better idea, put a cork in it(if thats how u communicate), as im sure if people feel the need, they can reply back.
        besides its debating, not aruing, so ill voice my opinion.

    • @Death_In_Flames Agreed – lots of competition this year. It’ll be interesting to see whether this makes the slightest bit of difference,

    • Two different types of games in my opinion. Battlefield is a game I spent a lot of time/years getting into where as CoD is a game I can pick up and put down.

      I put a lot of hours into BF2 on PC. Some of the custom maps were awesome. BF3 is a game I’d build a gaming PC for.

  7. just like the last modern warfare its gonna be shit. new name new story, new concept, better developers please? no? just bore us i guess…

  8. space pants warfare i actually laughed out loud. to be honest i dont care much about CoD anymore.

  9. It gets a lot of hype, but ultimatey COD is a game I have always enjoyed and I look forward to it again. Having said that, I’m mainly referring to the SP as I’m not massively into the MP of the more recent COD’s.

  10. Please, please be released a few days after Uncharted 3. I would love to see Uncharted 3 challenge the recycled CoD game.

    I would say that most PS3 owners, would almost definitely buy Uncharted 3. Whether that means they wouldn’t also buy MW3, I’m not sure..

    I know I would buy only Uncharted 3, if these games released near the same time. Although saying that, I’ve vowed not to touch a CoD game until something new happens, so wouldn’t have bought MW3 anyway..

    • I hope they don’t launch around the same time, Uncharted would be completely and utterly over-shadowed hype and advertisements-wise.

      • CoD may be able to generate the hype, but a lot of people are sick of CoD games. As for advertisements, they would hardly contribute to sales at all. With these two huge games, people will know about them way before they see an advert on TV, or in a magazine, and will have made their mind up all-ready.

        In my opinion, Uncharted is just as big as CoD. CoD is just massively over-hyped. Hopefully this year, the extreme media coverage on it won’t be as big, as that was just laughable last year.

      • Edit: Saying that, adverts do seem to suck in money filled parents and grandparents into buying games for their underage children/grandchildren. No doubt this will help CoD again..

    • I would probably get both, Uncharted day 1 and Modern Warfare for Xmas.

    • Lots of people have been sick of COd for the last 2 years, but it still out sells EVERYTHING. Releasing close to Uncharted 2 can in no way help Uncharted and in no way will Uncharted hurt a COD game. To think otherwise is either foolish or/or overly optimistic. Especially when you consider the distinct differences in games including genre and platform exclusivity.

      I wont be buying another COD game on PS3 because the experience on 360 has always been better for me. I bough Black Ops for both, because i has friends that played both and almost every time i go to play the PS3 version i get frustrated by bugs and crashes.

      SO I’ll personally probably be buying both. Uncharted at launch and COD for 360 shortly there after.

      • Well, call me overly-optimistic. I would be sure that MW3’s sales would be dented on the PS3 if it was released shortly after Uncharted 3. Never did I mention Uncharted challenging MW3 on Xbox. Never did I mention Xbox! The sole fact Uncharted is PS3 only, will no doubt draw in Sony fanboys. Taking in everything into account, including the fact that it appears that more people than ever are beginning to turn away from CoD, to the likes of BF and UC, I think if UC3 released a few days before MW3 it would challenge it.

        Anyway. I never said it would be wise for Naught Dog to release so close to MW3, I just said I think it would be a great spectacle to watch, to see if Uncharted could challenge a CoD game.

    • Very unlikely. It’s pretty much only hardcore gamers on the internet who’ve even heard of uncharted. Yet almost ALL gamers in real life have heard of, and are obsessed with COD. And that’s just PS3, which has a waaaaay smaller userbase than the xbox.

      Uncharted is like a ford mustang, and call of duty is like a ford KA. The mustang may be better, but you’ll find way more KAs out on the roads.

      • intrigued, hcore gamers… you have 6 trophies, yet obviously know ur uncharted.
        i guess our interpretation of hcore gamers differs.

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