Killzone 3 Beats Bulletstorm To Number One

The full UK top 40 is still to be published, but a few sources have already stated that Guerrilla’s Killzone 3 has beaten EA’s Bulletstorm to the all-formats number one position.

Here’s the top ten, subject to confirmation, from the last week of sales figures:


1. Killzone 3
2. Bulletstorm
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops
4. FIFA 11
5. Just Dance 2
6. Dead Space 2
7. MvC 3
8. Hot Pursuit
9. Wii Party
10. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

We’ll update once official statistics roll in, but this is great news for Guerrilla…



  1. Hardly surprising. Haven’t gotten either of them, still hoping KZ3 sells well, being a Sony fanboy and all.. :)

  2. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was just a PS3 chart but topping all platforms is exceptionally good.

    • You mean that chart there? The one with Just Dance 2 and Wii Party in it?

      • He means, the news would have surprised him if it were about a PS3 only chart, but seeing as it’s all platforms the achievement is exceptionally good.

        Not what you thought he meant ;)

      • *wouldn’t :/

  3. How on earth is FIFA11 still up towards the top of the chart?

    • its been reduced to 25 pound, I only got my copy about 2 weeks ago!

      • same here, the £25 price tag finally got me to get it only last weekend

  4. No surprise there really. Glad Sony’s flagship is doing so well.

    • It is a surprise considering you can buy Bulletstorm on three different platforms, Killzone 3 you can only buy on one.

      • That would be a good point, except you need to keep in mind that it was the “XB360” format of Bulletstorm that is listed at #2 on It doesn’t matter if it is a multiplat or not, it was specifically the XB version that is listed as #2… they don’t sum up the total # of copies sold for all plats.

        That being said… both games are awesome and I would encourage everyone to give them a go. I have not had a chance to jump into K3, but if the wife will allow, I’ll be picking up a copy sometime soon… I hope. There are just too many good games this year… geesh!!! :)

  5. Something wrong with the twitter link*
    I don’t understand how Black Ops can still be that high in that chart.. oh well..

    • Black Ops never seems to disappear. It was #1 last week with MvC3 coming in at #2.

      • and by last week I mean the week previous to last >_>.

  6. i think i’d rather get killzone if i had to choose between that and bulletstorm.

    • The campaign in killzone is awesome, don’t know what the professional reviewers were playing.

  7. Not really surprised, but how long will it stay there.

  8. I got both friday and as much as i love Bulletstorm, Killzone 3 is amazing graphics and gameplay i dont know how it got such low scores from other sites. Roll on next week get my 3DTV cant wait to try Killzone on tht.

  9. Congrats to kz. A great game. An exclusive that outsold a multi plat game. Deservedly so IMO :-)

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