Podcast: Episode 7

When I turned seven I got a birthday cake in the shape of a tank and my best friend came round to play with He-Man figures with me. This week, the OMM podcast turns seven and we didn’t even get it a card. The injustice!

Let’s see, topics for discussion this week include a movie about a man in a box, gossip from PlayStation Access and comics about death. We also have a special guest, Blair, who shows just how special he is by lowering the tone another notch.

I did the edit for this week (it’s usually Kris) so forgive any audio weirdness.


This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

If you’d like to hear anything specifically on the podcasts, or if you’d like to let us know how awesome (or not) we are then please leave comments here, reviews on iTunes and send email to podcasts[at]thesixthaxis.com. We answer as much as we can.



  1. I’ll listen to it tomorrow while travelling, thanks Peter.

    • Same here. Downloading it now but will listen to it tomorrow. You guys should think about Teamspeak 3 instead. It records natively and means the three of you can record it (just in case) plus choose a codec and plump for mono too. Saves Skype trying to be too clever.

      • Congratulations on the competition! I hadn’t even heard of that film.

  2. Finally! I was getting withdrawal symptoms!

  3. Noo, I forgot to enter Lewis’s quiz last week. Rats!

    Oh well, look forward to listening to this down the gym tonight.

  4. Another entertaining podcast, no problems with the editing that I noticed, I am curious how long it took peter to edit it now.

    • about an hour to get the syncing and one or two cuts in the recordings fixed and then another little while to sort out the audio quality and reduce the hiss a bit.
      Not too bad really, I didn’t go as precise as Kris usually does with pauses and Lewis didn’t say anything that needed to be cut out and put in the folder marked “blackmail” so it was simple enough.

      • That must be quite a sizable folder..

      • Cheers, not too bad then. Next week you could let Lewis edit it, that could be interesting.

  5. Awesome, seems to have went well :D

  6. I should stop listening to these as I walk to Uni, everyone must think I am insane for laughing aloud for no apparent reason

    • I has this problem on the bus everytime I listen to a podcast, people turn around and give me funny looks. -.-

  7. Brilliant. I particularly enjoyed when you were describing nofi using videogame terms. :D

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