‘Devil May Cry’ Movie On The Way

The Devil May Cry series has been a very successful franchise as of thus far, selling a combined total of over 10 million units worldwide across four different titles. Despite that, it’s not exactly the next franchise I would’ve guessed to make the jump to the big screen. Screen Gems apparently sees some potential, however, as they just purchased the feature film rights from Capcom. A subsidiary of Sony Pictures, Screen Gems is also responsible for the Resident Evil movies, which have been met with mixed reviews from critics and gamer alike.


They’ve already brought writer and producer Kyle Ward on to transition the gaming property to the silver screen, although at this time it is unknown how the story will relate to the games or when we can expect to see it in theaters. Stay tuned for more info.

Source: Variety



  1. At least they’ll be able to take some liberty with this (not like Resident Evil which they completely jacked up) That being said, I hope they don’t completely screw it all up.

  2. You know they will. It’s simple forumla.

    Have guy – Shoot stuff – Hot babes – big demons – cool movie – the end.

    Hollywood – Young Jackass – Shoot CGI stuff – Sub-par babes – More Cgi – Shitty Movie – Spinoff – 5 sequels – Walmart Bargain Bin

    • Very nice.

    • The problem with these over the top video game movies is, you really need a lot of good CGI to make it look even close to what it looks like in a video game. Take Bioshock for instance. Didn’t they can the project because it would have been too expensive if they did it right?

      • Yup. They did scrap Bioshock due to the projected costs. Which is a shame. It had Huge potential. Although both games were like playing a movie themselves. I can’t wait for the next Bioshock.

  3. They better not let Uwe Boll anywhere near this. I hope they do this as an animated film as they will be able to be faithful to the games. I bet they will make Dante have crap jokes,invent a new family member and aim it at familes. This game should be very easy to make into a good film.But if Uwe Boll directs it then it has no chance in hell.

    • There has already been DMC animated – http://bit.ly/dTAgbo

      • Yeah that is an anime series i would like them to make this into an anime movie as well like the Resident Evil Degeneration that is a good one better than the real movies

      • i have seen that series and it was decent even though Dante was waaay overpowered. If the film is anything like that then i shall see it and then swear when i realise that it won’t be shown at my local cinema.:P

      • Yeah the anime is good but the sad thing with it was that they didn’t show Dante in his devil form

      • Yeah i was dissapointed as well and that dante seemed to be very weak in the final episode when he *****SPOILER*******

        Gets impaled to the wall with his sword. I mean wtf? in the games he would recover in mere seconds or minutes but there he is pretty much out of it for the entire episode. I think i shall watch more DMC.:)

      • Yeah that was a bit weird

  4. No doubt the main character is played by Marky Mark

  5. I actually enjoyed the Resident Evil movies, if you ignore that they are nothing like the games and watch them as a Zombie movie – and I love Zombie movies! But I can not see DMC becoming a good movie? Especially if they westernize it to much.

    • Milla Jovovich can shoot me in head any time. And by shoot I mean sex. Sex me right in the head.

  6. But is it going to be Old Style Dante, or New Style Dante?

    • Old Dante! Please! I don’t care if the movie ends up being crap. Atleast be crap w/the real white haired,fun loving,cocky,non-smoking,Dante with the long red duster I grew up playing.

  7. Del May Cry once this movie is released. ;(

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