F1 2011 Heading To 3DS/NGP

As is now the current trend, some interesting information has been released on Twitter. Codemasters Benelux has confirmed that F1 2011 is in development for Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s NGP and will be arriving in Q4 of this year. The game will also be hitting the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 (although the tweet says PS2, we are assuming that’s a typo).

Last years F1 game did incredibly well despite a number of bugs, and it will be interesting to see how many eyes get melted by a 3D version.

Source: Twitter via Nintendo Universe



  1. I thought F1 2010 was a very good game… until GT5 came out. Lessons need to be learnt by Codies.

  2. Lesson 1, dont release a game every single year, because i wont buy them, support you game and charge for a season update via DLC.

    • Good idea, then there would be plenty time to improve the game and add new features that don’t feel rushed.

  3. If they build on what was wrong with the last game, it’d be the best racer out there. Yes GT5 has among graphics and hundreds of everything, it lacks the rush and fun of F1.
    The championship races were utterly fantastic and with an upgraded and more awesome game, I just can’t wait to see what TSA does with this!

    Also, if the NGP does include ps3 integration, that could mean playing F1 against people on their ps3s while you’re away from yours. which is an amazing prospect.

  4. What bugs were these? I runs much more smoothly than GT5 ever has online!

    • Other than lag I’ve not had a single issue in GT5. And that was only in last nights TSA races. F1 has had and still has numerous issues. The fact you can stop a spin by slamming on the brakes is stupid, nothing like a real F1 car or any other car for that matter!

  5. I think F1 2010 is a very good racer. Had a few bugs but nothing i’d describe as game breaking. Where it really shone was online, after the TSA championship. A whole lot easier to manage that the GT5 & it worked better!

  6. Has everyone forgotten the game save corruption bug that happened if you developed your car than quit after doing Friday practice? Pretty game breaking and put me off completing even one season. And I’m a *massive* F1 fan, and I couldn’t get into the game…

    • Oh yeah, i do now! and i had that happen to me, well it wasn’t that, more the game froze during a save position and corrupted it that way. cost me 2 1/2 seasons of stuff. Safe to say i wasn’t happen at the time at all! massive oversight by me as others did suffer

    • No, I nearly wept after it ended my career prematurely. Yes the patch fixed a lot and was most welcome but they should have caught that one before it got released.

      Great game though, still enjoy it massively.

  7. The F1 game for the PSP was good so hopefully the one for NGP will be great.

  8. Wait wait, they said the 3DS AND NGP versions were coming out in Q4? Does this mean we have a general release date period for the NGP?! :3

    • More likely is that it will be released Q4 for the platforms that are on the shelves at that time.

      • Maybe, id hope it comes out around that time anyways.

  9. f1 2010 is awesome. will defo get 2011. and ive had no problems with it.

  10. Guess I was lucky in the fact that my F1 2010 seems to run without any bugs at all. Or maybe I just didn’t notice them….probably that actually :)

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