Black Ops Gets The Music Video Treatment

As most of you will be aware, the new Black Ops DLC hit the PSN yesterday (and may have caused it to implode). To celebrate this, Treyarch has released this interesting/bizarre little trailer.


Source: YouTube



  1. The part where the dove flys out of the soldiers hands over to the other side of the wall – I was half expecting it to pull out an AK47, what? its Black Ops….

  2. 99.9% of CoD players weren’t alive when this song came out, and that was 1990.

    Herein lies the problem.

    Wind of Change? Oh yes… to BF3.

  3. This is something you would see on Machinima. I have got a feeling that EA will rip into this with a parody trailer.:P

  4. i love that song, great way to promote the map pack.

  5. Personally I thought this was hilarious! The dove coming out of nowhere and the solitary tear as he was singing both made me chuckle out loud. Clever, but judging from the comments on YouTube it is beyond a lot of the trolls grasp as it is “gay”. Sometimes the internet makes me sad.

    • The solitary tear was for how sad the CoD engine is looking these days. Can’t believe they have no plans to update it, it looks down right second hand in this video.

      Good lip sync though, the guys at Guerilla Games could learn a thing or two from this vid ;)



  6. And straight after singing this they shot each each other in a free-for-all deathmatch.

  7. Having been around when the song came out (and the wall came down), I have to say I think this is brilliant. Nice to see a dev showing a sense of humour. Wonder if doves will replace knives or grenades?

  8. Strange yet enjoyable.

  9. I hate Black Ops.

    • I don’t like it either, but this was good fun.

    • Thanks for that useful comment.

  10. Genius video. I was doubled over when the guitar solo kicked in!

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